Monday, January 12, 2009

Vanna's Choice Granny Square Afghan

I pretty much had a crappy weekend with some wicked stomach ailment! So I did nothing but lay around and sleep Saturday and most of Sunday. I did start feeling better enough to have some interest in working on my afghan. I had all the squares crocheted so I got them assembled. Last night and tonight I began working on the border.I am really liking this...these colors are totally up my alley!!! I plan on adding a couple more rounds of color in half double crochet before stopping...Hopefully this weekend we will have some good sunlight so I can snap some good pictures of it completed!
Phoebe showed me she likes it in her special way!!!

My new favorite song!! I'm addicted to this right now!


Just be happy! said...

The afghan looks beautiful and Phoebe is such a cutie pie!!!
I hope you feel 100% better soon.

Nat said...

Your vintage style handbag is lovely...I absolutely love purple and that is the cutest bag i've ever seen!!! Great Job...Oh and great site..

Barb said...

I ordered the Vanna's Choice yarn for a one square granny baby afghan from lion brand. It was black in the center, rose, rose ombre & white. I printed the WRONG pattern and cannot find that particular afghan on the site now. I have 14 oz each of the blk & white, 7 oz of the rose & 6 oz of the ombre. I've looked over your site & thought perhaps you could help me in some way. Come up with that particular afghan or one that I could use that yarn with. I don't crochet much anymore as my hands have a lot of pain & my eyesight is getting bad. I NEED to find a pattern for this yarn. Do you have ANY suggestions or help for me? Thanks SO much. Barb (blog: Diary of a mad Woman. You can reach me at or facebook Barbara Whisman Miller. Again thanks for just taking the time to read this.