Monday, December 28, 2009

The Creative Process

All this Christmas knitting has left me with a bit of burnout. The need to turn my attention to some crochet and granny-ing is strong. So strong, infact, that last night I picked up my hook and began putting some colors together for some pillows for my bed (as I was sitting in bed watching an old movie!)
I am still experimenting with different colors and textures and have not yet decided on exactly where I am going to start. But I thought I would share some pics of my creative process, so far! These colors are definitely what I want...but...for those that know me, I think I need more. Hmmm...this may require a trip to Hobby Lobby! (Got a gift card for Christmas!)
I bought this wooden crochet hook at SAFF, I am not sure I like it. It feels great in my hand, but it really slows me down. It is a size I, but when compared to a metal hook, would be a couple sizes larger.

I experimented in working up a larger granny with a ocuple more colors, but just didn't like it. I am thinking an additional shade of red may just be what is needed!

More to come!


devonaz said...

I like the colors,,,I am also going to Hobby Lobby today as I got a gift card also,,,good luck,,

Kar said...

Love the colors you are using. They make me feel comfy, cozy.

I can't wait till the Hobby Lobby is finished here. It's about half way done.

Just be happy! said...

you always choose the prettiest colors!