Monday, December 14, 2009

Snowman Central

Greetings from all of us here at Snowman Central! The snowman workshop is in full swing here. So much so that I no longer have a snowman family, but a snowman village!

Let me introduce you to my two newest members.

"Willie Melt"


"Crystal Snowflake"

I must admit, this little snow girl has found a soft spot in my heart! There is something about how those little tassels on that hat jiggle around as if they were actual pigtails! She is so cute and so girly that I can hardly stand it. I now have another one on the double pointed needles just waiting for me to pick up this evening and finish!

I have had many requests of the pattern for these snowmen.  Here it is, Snowman Pattern  You will see from the pattern how greatly I have improvised it and made it my own.  I wished for my snow people to have knit caps and scarves and smiles on their faces, and a carrot nose!

But before I go, let me share some more Christmas warmth with you!

Here is a wall in my kitchen where my chicken cabinet sets. Every year my wall tree dresses up this wall, and this year my rooster got a pretty Christmas bow.

Can you believe I got this little Santa for 75 cents? Now finding a bargain gives me a warm fuzzy...but this was even sweeter! I would have paid $3 for the guy!

Okay, I am off now, back to Snowman Central to finish up a new member to the village!



Just be happy! said...

that second snowman's hat is just as cute as it can be!
Love them!

pinkviolets said...

Dawn these little snowmen are beautiful, did you work from a pattern or just make them up, I would love to get hold of the patterns.

devonaz said...

Hello Dawn,,
I was just thinking if you want to change over your blog you could announce that you are going to do it on this blog so everyone will know..just a thought..

tamdoll said...
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tamdoll said...

"Willie Melt", too cute.
I've had that same pattern laying on my desk for weeks....