Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowman University

Here they bloggy buds!  It's a nice looking group of snow people, don't you think???  I have been busy trying to get these little guys done.  Three of them were not able to be in the photo because they are on their way to Las Vegas.

Their cuteness continues to make me smile...which is a good thing.  I have had some bouts with back and hip pain that completely puts me out of commission.  My husband tells me that he knows I am not feeling well when I don't even feel like knitting!!!  But today I am feeling much better, and have begun a special snowman for my mom!!  I cannot wait to present him to the bloggy world!

Yesterday evening I came home to some of this!

It was so pretty.  I spent the afternoon resting my back and enjoying a warm blanket and an old movie as the snow fell outside.

It truly looks like a White Christmas!

And this morning the ground had a thick white blanket of snow on it, I would say about four inches!  There is so much I should be out doing, but I will take this snow and work on making up a couple more Christmas presents...I can shop later, right?

So now I am off to do just that, a special snowman needs my attention...more later...I promise!


devonaz said...

What a group of cute looking snowmen,,and I know all about back pain,,and it is not fun,,take care of yourself and enjoy the white stuff outside..

Just be happy! said...

these little guys graduated with high grades, they're too darn cute!
I hope you feel better and ca'twait to see thr special one!

tamdoll said...

These are adorable!!! I want to go make snowmen now.... I think I'll have to start winter crafting next August. (I think I say that each year!)

I hope you feel better soon, too. I hate having aches and pains.