Thursday, December 10, 2009

Da Iceman

Let me introduce you to 'Da Iceman' ! He is so cute and woolly that I just can't stand it! I gave this little guy a stocking cap with a tassel and a matching scarf. This self striping sock yarn by Red Heart is absolutely 'da bomb'!

I think before I start giving away these little guys they are going to get a group picture!

I am off now. There is work to be done...and Christmas shopping...I guess I need to do some of that, too!


Just be happy! said...

cute, cute, cute!

devonaz said...

Your killing me with these cute guys,,,and they keep getting cuter if that is possible...I can tell you are having way to much fun making them,,but we thank you for sharing your little buddies with us,,,happy holidays...

Kar said...

These guys are just too cute Dawn! You are doing such a great job with them.

Have a great weekend!