Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finally...The Sun Came Out!

Yesterday evening the clouds parted after two days of cold rainy whether, and the sky set on fire! It was one of those sunsets you don't see often, let alone get the opportunity to photograph!

More pictures of my table runner.

And on to my next project. A request for a crocheted skirt! I already love the idea. So I have been playing with yarns. I really like this yarn, it's an Australian yarn called Heirloom. 100% pure new wool. And it's washable! I like the browns, but am thinking of some tone of red in place of the yellow.

Happy Crocheting!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Insomnia and Back Pain

I should be in bed fast asleep! But my back is bothering me tonight and I just can''t get comfortable enough to nod I'm up, at least temporarily until a little sleep aid kicks in. Tomorrow starts early, and I have plenty on my desk to get done. What better time to update my blog with some things I have been working on.

Finished the table runner! I do like it, and actually made it for the dining room. But as you can see it is a little too casual for that. It looks really pretty on my kitchen table with my aloe sitting proudly on it.

The only's FREAKISHLY long!! I don't know what I was thinking when I was seemed a perfect length when I measured. Something certainly went wack on me. These colors look great in my kitchen so I think it has found it's new home for the time being.

Check em out! Soda Can Cozies! How much fun are these? I have been working on ideas for my etsy shop (, and I think these might be the perfect thing to go into it. I am trying to come up with a price for the pair. Any suggestions?

These don't take up much time at all to make, in fact I did the pair this evening! I love the little foo-foo fun fir trim on them! What gal does not need to slide her diet coke into one of these! They are also perfect for a bottle of water, or a little case for your digital camera to protect it from getting banged around in that dark whole we all call our hand bag!

So, my next plan was to drag out Babette and finish her up....but, I have been commissioned to crochet a skirt. I have ideas, and of course they involve granny squares and some punches of color. The skirt is to be worn over leggings...I have a picture of what I see it to be lurking in my dead, so I am about to start working on squares, probably tomorrow evening.

I wanted to take a moment to show props to so many of the talented folks I have had the pleasure of meeting on Alessandra Hayden is one of those ladies. I have instantly taken a liking to her! She is awesome with a crochet hook! If you get a chance check her out, you won't be disappointed! There has been so much inspiration for me on flckr! It does get my brain cranked up into that creative mode.

For those who cannot recall my Babette Blanket, I am posting another photo of it. It is very close to being finished!
She is quite pretty, and had originally started out as an etsy custom order, which the customer had lost a job and asked to back out of the deal. I do not mind allowing that...I prefer that my work go to a new home that truly wants it and loves it as much as I, and I have to admite I had become a bit attached to it...I imagine it will be hanging on a wall at some point.

Well...I can honestly say my eyes are beginning to get very heavy so I think I am going to take advantage of the moment and go back to bed!

I have a new commission project in front of me, and that is for a skirt which is to go over leggings! At this point the design is in my head and hopefully tomorrow evening I will begin with making some granny squares!

For this little bit of time my eyes are very heavy and hard to keep open. Good Wednesday morning to you all...I am going back to bed!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stripe-ity Crocheted Table Runner

Here's a little sneak peek of my latest project. I have been wanting a table runner for the dining room table so I started one with my basket of yarn I keep next to my seat on the couch. It is turning out brighter than I had planned, which is not a bad thing, BUT, I don't think it will be right for my dining room table. It may find it's home in the kitchen amidst the roosters, red walls, house plants, and bright dishes. I think it has a little bit of a Mexican feel to it, kind of reminds me of a Mexican blanket or poncho. I love this stitch, and find myself using it in a lot of what I do! I think it looks "woven".

This morning I woke up at 5:00 o'clock sharp. Phoebe was ready to get up as well. After feeding her, and getting her taken care of, and settling on the couch with a quilt over me, I was half way sleepy...but halfway interested in an old black and white movie that was on television. To keep my fingers busy I cranked out a couple of drink can cozies. I like making these, they are quick and colorful! I think these will end up in the etsy shop.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scraps & Fringes

Here's a little something I just started on. I am not saying what it is yet, just in case it bombs! So far I like the color and the's simple...but I like that!

So, I added some red fringe! I think it was a good decision, too! I just need to get a couple more good shots of this scarf so I can get it entered into the Vanna's Choice Contest!

Here's a closeup.

Phoebe wanted in on the act!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blue Monday.

This morning I was looking out the dining room window at the fog. It was so thick, but it had this beautiful blue hue to it...a kodak moment! I normally don't like these gray days, but I was off work today which for some reason made me appreciate how pretty it was. There are rumors of snow for this evening, it sure feels like it could!

I have had a pretty productive weekend. Gotten some things done around the house and finished a couple scarves. I am contemplating on whether to enter the granny square one into the Vanna's Choice Contest. It's all in her yarns. It turned out very pretty, but I am thinking it needs some red fringes on its ends!

The other scarf I actually crocheted up this morning! I am getting a bit addicted to this size P crochet hook! I love the way it looks done in a simple half double crochet! This may be a potential project for my beginner's crochet class.

I have some small items completed for my class on Thursday, which I will post some photos of them soon. These gloomy days make it very hard to get good lighting for a picture!

That's all I have for now. I have the evening all to myself, so I am sure I will dip into my yarn basket while watching some t.v. and waiting for all this snow we are supposed to have!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finished Afghan!

I got it done! I'm love'n all the colors. I filled out the Vanna's Choice Contest application today and attached photos, so I'm entered. Who knows...there is a lot of talent out there so I am sure my chances are small, but it would be so cool to win!

Doesn't it look perfect in my chair? It just makes me want to pick up some yarn and a hook and go to town!!!

Growing up our house always had afghans on the back of the sofa and a chair!! My grandmothers both crocheted so my mom had quite a collection of afghans...and I remember loving them even as a little kid. Guess I come by it honestly!

This is my own design, I did not use a pattern. I simply selected about twelve colors I liked and began crocheting my squares. I kept the cream color in each square to try and keep them tied together.

Here it is laying out flat!

Last night I could not get to sleep. I think I was anxious over Brad leaving, my mind was racing so I got back out of bed and look what I did!! It's surprising what a big hook (Size P) and some worsted weight yarn can come out to look like!! It works up quick, and this is so soft and has a lacy feel! I see more of these in my future.

Okay, this little creature cannot turn off the cuteness!!!! Look at her! We are trying to switch to dried food, so while at Petsmart I picked up this little toy for her. She loves it....and to see her run around the house with it hanging out of her mouth is absolutely heart warming!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chicken Scarf??

After getting home last night from a long day, I found myself a bit out of place because I had nothing to work on. So I dug into my basket of yarn I keep next to my seat on the sofa and pulled out these four leftover skeins from my afghan and picked up an oversized crochet hook, and started playing. I don't know why I cannot just sit and watch a t.v. program! Anyway, Brad had a rerun of Seinfeld on...which was actually classic, the one with Kenny Rogers Chicken!....I picked up my hook and started a granny. So this is what it has turned into. Maybe I should name this scarf after that episode of Seinfeld...."The Chicken Scarf"? :-D

Makings of a new scarf.

The oversized crochet hook makes it feel lacy and light. I think it will make a very pretty scarf.

Today is sunny, so I was able to snap a quick picture on my lunch hour. I am anxious to get pictures up of my completed afghan!!! Hopefully Saturday will cooperate with me!

I've been working on being more disciplined in my eating habbits, which I have done pretty good this week. More fresh greens and fish, drink more water. But right now I am jonesing for a Diet much as I can't get it out of my brain. So....I am off to get a DC!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Hands!!! Yes, this makes my hands happy, as well as my brain! I am busily working on my afghan and it's very close to being finished!
I love it when I get to this stage of a project. This is when it starts to pop! This evening we ordered takeout, and while waiting for the delivery guy I decided to play with my camera. I just can't master taking pictures at night, especially with a flash. I can't use it! But I was pretty pleased with these. No, I don't have four hands, I had Brad snap this one!

Here's a pretty good closeup of my work. You can see the seaming between two grannies.

Happy Dog! She is full of herself tonight!

Wish I had more to say, but I don't. So I think I will get on some comfy clothes and continue working on this afghan, that is if Phoebe will cooperate with me!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Vanna's Choice Granny Square Afghan

I pretty much had a crappy weekend with some wicked stomach ailment! So I did nothing but lay around and sleep Saturday and most of Sunday. I did start feeling better enough to have some interest in working on my afghan. I had all the squares crocheted so I got them assembled. Last night and tonight I began working on the border.I am really liking this...these colors are totally up my alley!!! I plan on adding a couple more rounds of color in half double crochet before stopping...Hopefully this weekend we will have some good sunlight so I can snap some good pictures of it completed!
Phoebe showed me she likes it in her special way!!!

My new favorite song!! I'm addicted to this right now!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Large Stack of Granny Cakes!

Don't they look yummy??! I am getting close to getting all my squares completed and ready for blocking. These are going to make a nice size throw for the sofa! And yes, I plan on entering my finished afghan into the Vanna's Choice contest.
I do like the colors. They are warm and cozy just as the should be! I am hoping this weekend to get this thing close to assembled so I can finish it up in time to enter it into the contest.

On a different note, it's Friday night, and it has been such a strange week. I've had a hard time keeping up with what day it is...too many appointments, and with all Brad's job stuff going on, we're exhausted. He has taken the contract job in Miami, so things around here are really going to change. My grandmother always said, "life can change in one moment"...and she is so right! No, we are not moving, he'll be coming home about every three weeks. At this point, we are just thankful that there was a job out there for him, and this opportunity is one he cannot pass up!!!

Wish us luck...I imagine I will be scoring a lot more t.v. time to watch some "chick flicks" and getting a lot of knitting and crocheting in. Hopefully it will keep me from being too lonesome!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Love Me Some Grannies

I think this is the reason I was taught to crochet! To make these grannies! This is my Vanna's Choice project that I hope to enter into her contest. I love her yarn! The colors are great and it's nice and soft. I have four more squares to go, then I will block them and assemble them. I have plenty of yarn, so this is going to make a nice size throw for the sofa! I'm thinking if I can just get my Christmas Tree down and put away, I can focus on this and get it done within the week!I wonder if there are others out there that are as nuts about crocheting grannies as I am! I think these traditional grannies have so much creative potential! I have always liked graphic things, and of course color, and this kind of satisfies both of those. The blanket is mostly in warm tones of reds, oranges and browns, and I have added a splash of blue for contrast, and cream to give it some sparkle.

So, I know I am going to have some leftover yarn when I finish this up, so what should I do with my scraps? Maybe a scarf?? Maybe. But once I finish this up I need to get to work on my crochet class project. Then it will be February! I know this year has just started, but it's already flying!

I have always been envious of those who could write a to do list and actually get those things on the list done! I don't have any of that in me....I don't operate that way. It makes it too much like work!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I love Saturdays!

I thoroughly enjoy Saturday. Especially Saturday morning. I can move a movie, and crochet!!!

My "Vanna" squares are coming along beautifully!!! I have enjoyed having a nice long weekend, it's given be a chance to sit back and crochet. These will go into a small throw/afghan, like the one I made for my little niece. And I hope to have it done in time to enter it into the Vanna's Choice contest! I can just about imagine about all the entries and all the it may just get lost! But, so far I am liking it. Since this is Saturday night, I plan on cranking out a couple more squares. These will definitely have to be blocked before I assemble them. sister-in-law, Rhonda, and I made our first sale on from our Whooville shop!!! We were ecstatic! Rhonda ate extra greens and black-eyed peas on New Year's she said that's what did it. Either way we were both thrilled...we are not in the red anymore. So we are making plans for our etsy shop and hopefully 2009 will be good to us.

I spent the day at Rhonda's visiting with her and my sister. I had to take my camera along to get some pictures of Maya on her blanket that I made her. Just look at that face! Of course I have a ton more pictures on flickr for my family to oohh and awww over, so I am just posting my favorite one.

Maya's Blanket

My niece, Devin, latched on to my crocheted scarf...what a great model! And she latched on hard...she wore it all day. I didn't have the heart to ask for it she now has a new scarf. She looks adorable in it!

Crocheted Scarf

Peace Out!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Day One of 2009

I woke up early on New Year's Day. Fed little Phoebe, took her out to do her business, and we came back in and settled in. I picked up my crochet hook and started on a granny square. I'm using Vanna's Choice. I'm thinking of making another granny square throw to enter into her would be so exciting if it won something!
The beginnings of a new project

The past couple of evenings I have stayed in and watched movies...I just can't sit in front of the t.v. without something in my hands or I will fall asleep! This little crocheted scarf is the result of that. I will probably put it in my etsy shop. It's just a simple crocheted scarf with some of my leftover yarn in those warm colors that I love so much!

Crocheted Scarf

Crocheted Scarf

Can you believe it's 2009?! Wow, time is zooming by so fast. I spent the day at my mom's and we had the traditional New Year's Day dinner, pork, greens and black-eyed peas. I ate extra greens...let's see if it brings me fortune!