Sunday, October 20, 2013

Laura's Wrap Finally Done!!!

Finally!  I have finished the pattern for Laura's Wrap, and got it listed on etsy and ravelry.  Whew!!!  When I designed this wrap I never had the intention of writing up the pattern, but after so many requests for the pattern I decided to go ahead and do it.  

I have had fun today playing with it and figuring out ways to wear it.  
Hey...notice the Owl Necklace!!!  Heee heee!  Total Thrift Store Score...$3!!  His eyes are missing, but I didn't even flinch when I saw him.  Had to have it!!!!

Now, I have all this variegated yarn all over the house.  So, I am in "variegated yarn crazy insane heaven"!!!  

Check these little sock project totes I crocheted up!
I have been mixing yarns together just to see how they work up. And who can't resist the little sugar skulls??

Now, I am ready to kick back and enjoy the rest of the evening before Monday morning gets here.  I am sure it will involve some yarn and a hook!!

I'll leave you with the cutest little picture of Phoebe.  We were headed to "grandma's" house this morning.  She loves everything about it, the ride, their house, and he ride home!

Bye y'all!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

This & That

Yesterday a fellow hooker/knitter and I went to the Knit & Crochet Show in Concord, NC.   We had a blast!   Below are a couple of crocheted afghans which literally made my jaw drop!  

This was so inspirational!!  I saw granny squares and some awesome crochet as well as knitting.  

Check out this owl!!  He was crocheted over a large beach ball.  Adorable!!

These skirts were layered and knit up in a linen yarn.  I was eyeballing this really close!

My iPhone did an update yesterday, and I have to say, I am completely fascinated with the upgrade, especially to the camera.  I have been snapping pictures all day until I completely drained the battery.

I took these at my dad's.  His yard looks like a park!!  

Now that is some true fall Carolina Blue sky!!  

Mum's in the back yard!  Aren't they pretty??!

Some kind of mold growing on some old wood.

Girlie looking extremely happy and enjoying the day!!

Leaves on the sidewalk....I love these colors!!

I have started writing up the pattern for the Laura's Wrap.  So many of you have sent me messages through ravelry and this blog asking for a pattern....well it is in the works now!!  In order for me to write up the pattern I have to actually sit down and knit one up as I go.

Untitled I believe it is going to be just as pretty as the original!!  This is a little sneak peek!!!  Hopefully it will not take me but a couple more weeks to get it finished up and ready.  I have some more crocheting I want to do, so I am working hard to get this done so I can get back to my hook!!!

Time is flying by way too fast!!!  The weeks are just speeding by.   We have a lot of rain heading our it looks like it may be a dark dreary Monday tomorrow.  Oh well...