Sunday, March 10, 2013

Busy Hands!!!

I'm here.  It has been so hard lately to just find the time to sit down and update my blog.  Where is the time going?  But, I have been busy crocheting, knitting, and spray painting in between working and doing the normal daily rigmarole.

Of course, I can always find some moments to make some little hooties!
They are for an etsy order, but I am enjoying them before they head off to their new home. 

So...I have finished up some more hats, some fingerless mitts, a pair of socks, and a scarf.  I can share some hats and mitts with you, and will have to get another pretty day to get pictures of my finished socks and scarf.

I came across this pattern for fingerless gloves called "Toast".  I love it!!!  It is a quick, easy, fun pattern.  I am going to remember it come Christmas project time!

Aren't they awesome!  This is with some Lion Brand Amazing.

My sister-in-law is modelling them for me.  I am pretty sure she needs a pair for herself.  LOL!

These are with the same pattern.  I just didn't finish the thumb and I did a ribbing on each end.

I have been in a crocheting hat mode for a little while now.  I think it is because of the instant gratification you can get from them.  And, you really don't need a pattern.  I love these little ear-flap hats!
 Oh, here is another pattern I came across.  It is called "Divine" .  Don't be may look difficult, but I am here to tell you it is not!  With a pretty yarn it is really quite impressive!

Here is another chemo-cap done up in half-double crochet.  Our knitting group made some caps up for a lady one of the women knew who was going through some strong chemo.  

How about some thrift-store love???  
I am a freakin sucker for a piece of junk and a can of spray paint...especially red spray paint.  I wish I had taken a before picture.  I found this little cabinet at the Salvation Army for $1.50!!  Took it apart, sprayed it down.  The hardest part was getting it back together!!  The frosting on the cake is when I added the paper to the back.  

It is going to make a great home for my owl collection!!

Now I am off to enjoy what is left of this Sunday.  The time change has got me a little off, and I am really going to dread it in the morning!  But for the moment, all is good.  Time for a new knitting project!