Friday, April 29, 2011

Freaky Fridays

big, big hair by unexpectedtales
big, big hair, a photo by unexpectedtales on Flickr.

I have decided to add a little something different to my blog! A weekly Friday posting, called "Freaky Fridays". I have been a member of flickr for a couple of years and have become facinated with all that is on there. Especially with the vintage photography. And the vintage photos that are just plain "odd" are the ones I am attracted to.

This one did it for me. Why, because of that hair, and the boy like face. I love it!

Happy Freaky Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yes, I am really making progress on my hexagons, and loving each and everyone of them.  I will crochet up a stack, weave the ends in and then sew them into the blanket.  This way I can see it growing as I crochet.  The red is so vibrant against the black.  I am at the point right now where I cannot put it down. Every spare minute I have goes to making hexies!
This is where I will be this coming weekend.  Out on the screened in porch with my yarn and hook, and of course, Miss Phoebe.  I am so looking forward to it, too!  Things have been so busy this week...some time relaxing and crocheting is just what I need. 

Last weekend was fun with Easter and family.  So much food!  And it was all good.  The nieces and nephews had a blast playing, and of course, Ms. Pheebster, got in on the action.  She had the time of her life!  Just look at that smile!
Such a happy little dog!  We'll be back in a couple days with some more progress, until then...have a great week!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Wednesday

Phoebe wants to wish everyone a Happy Wednesday!  Her momma has been very busy crocheting hexagons in red and black!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Greetings from the Back Porch!

Yes, Phoebe and I are in back porch Sunday Heaven!  With some country tunes playing in the background, a back drop of just doesn't get any better than this!
You see how she approves of the Octi-blanket.  It is coming right along and gets prettier and prettier, at least I think so.  That is basically what I have been doing, crocheting octagons...I can do them in my sleep!! 
The back porch has my crochet mojo in full swing!  The light and temperature out here is perfect.  I have finally been able to get the layer of pollen off of everything and all the plants back into their places.  This is their home until next fall arrives.  What a great feeling it is to get it all back to the way it should be.  All that's left is to replace the ceiling fan out here...easy enough project!
Here on the back porch the reds and greens are in their element.  And I am high off the ground, so it's like sitting in a tree house.  Pretty cool!

Phoebe and I wish everyone a great Sunday and rest of the week as well.  We will both meet you back here next Sunday...bring your yarn and hooks with you!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baby Booties

How do you like the little pair of booties I knit up this weekend?  These are so much fun to do and super quick!  You can get the pattern here.  If you need a cute little baby gift in a hurry, these take all of a couple hours to do.  They are done on straight needles and seamed up the back.  I have started another pair, but changed up the pattern.  I am doing them on double pointed needles so there is no seem up the back.  It is working very well. I will share them with you when I finish and write up the pattern. 

Octagon Blanket is making good progress.  I am crocheting up octies and sewing them together as I get a good pile done. Working this way works best for me, I can actually see the blanket coming together!  Working in the evening with seaming up black octies with black yarn has been a bit challenging.
I found a girl on flicker who has totally impressed me with her crocheting skills.  She had pictures of this pillow, which has totally inspired me!!  You can find her blog here, and be sure and visit her flicker will not be disappointed!

I will leave you with a sweet little picture of Phoebe.  I snapped it with my camera phone, so the quality isn't the best.  (I was standing next to her treat jar!  LOL!)
Miss Fluffy Pants!