Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Snowman Love!

Oh my goodness!  Check out this little guy!  I named him Waldo.  I think he looks like a Waldo.  His little helmet hat is way too cute.  It was my first attempt a knitting one, and I am very pleased.

This little guy needed a pair of glasses...much like me!!!!  I enjoy making these little hats.  I really have no pattern for them.  I just start knitting and fitting it to the snowman as I progress.  How do you like his little half smile??

I named this little guy "Ivan the Snowman"...and boy, is he cute.  I believe I have finally honed in on my pattern for the body so it stands nice and straight without me having to add the little crocheted disc to the bottom like I have been doing. 

"Beh-Beh", "LuLu", and "Professor Snowball"

Now how cute are these three together!  Look at that little capelet and beret on Beh-Beh.  I thought it turned out quite cute!  Beh-Beh and Professor Snowball are both in my etsy shop

I have another snowman body to fill and dress, and most likely will get a couple more done this week.  I see a group picture coming soon. 

Everyone have a great week, be creative, and share a smile!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Look at my pom-poms!

I haven't officially named her...but for some reason the name "LuLu" comes to mind when I look at this little snow-girl.  That hat!!!  It's an instant smile to look at her.  I made her a little seed stitch neck warmer and attached a ceramic flower button.

Look at this little hat.  I wanted to try a cloche hat.  I will definitely do more!  I added a little crochet flower to it.  And she is so tiny!  I am still perfecting my snowman process and tried a different bottom where I decreased instead of gathering up the ends.  It works quite well!  
And here she is with her Man!  I cabled his scarf.  The little cable scarves are so fun to do.  

I was actually wanting to get a couple more of these done, but have been under the weather.  The doctor gave me this antibiotic (which is heinous!).  The cure has almost been as bad as the infection.  I didn't even look at any yarn for about four days.  My husband tells me, I know you are sick if you do not knit or crochet.  He's so right.  I make time for yarn every day!!

Happily I am feeling a lot better and back to my normal daily indulgence.  I have a couple more snowmen bodies done and ready to be stuff and faces added.  I hope I'm not boring everyone with these little guys!

(If you would like to see more pics of the snow people you can click on the "Snow People" tab above.)

I just noticed that I use a lot of exclamation point when I post!  LOL!!