Saturday, April 20, 2013

Crochet Chicken Penny Rug!

Chicken Love!!!  Who doesn't love a penny rug??? 

How about some Chicken Love???  I have been busy working on this little penny rug.  I love working on these.  Especially when I have no plan....just a little inspiration.
Notice the little chick!!  And the nest!!   Actually the whole thing started by crocheting a rooster, then I got the idea of adding a little chick....or as we call them here in the south a "bitty".  Hens & Bitties!
The rest is history!! 
Placed in the seat of this old chair it looks totally awesome!  Way to pretty to sit on.  I love crochet like this because it is more like folk art.  

I have slowed way down on my crochet.  Had problems with my hands and shoulder, then a wonderful week of the flu.  Good Lord!!  I am finally getting back to my creative has been missing for a while now!

So now I have an idea for a hootie penny rug, and in the mood to start at it.  So I think a movie will be on this evening and I will be doing some crochet!