Sunday, April 29, 2012

Owlie Key Pouch!

Look what a Saturday night and a basket full of yarn produced!!  Isn't he cute.  He's a little mini pouch.  I luv him!! 
And yes, I added an old key! 

I have finished up a huge scrapbooking project and just did not feel like crocheting with embroidery floss.  I was feeling kind of weird just sitting in front of the t.v. with nothing to work on.  Hubs even told me something was off.  So I grabbed a basket of scraps and my box of buttons and keys and came up with this little guy.  
Hopefully this evening after supper I can work on  another one.  I have some Noro all picked out.  
I also made up a cute little owlie last night.  I wish I had one more day to this weekend.  I can't seem to get caught up.  

I'm off to finish up some house work and get a casserole started.  Found the recipe on pinterest!  I made it a couple weeks ago, and it was so good!!  Makes for good leftovers.

Bye for now!  Happy crocheting!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm having a love affair with spray paint!

Due to some distraction from the spray paint aisle at Lowes and the Thrift Store, progress on my granny squares has slowed down just a bit! 
I have been wanting to make some of these little desert stands for some time.  After finding some really cheap candlesticks at the Goodwill I couldn't stand it.  The vintage plates are some that were given to me.
Aren't they adorable!!  Needless to say I've got more to do.  Just waiting on the weather to cooperate.
I found this wooden compote at our local thrift shop for $7 bucks, it was screaming for me to carry it home and spray it down!  LOL!  Does it not perfectly compliment my squares?  I am thinking that I will crochet a six sided granny to go in the compote.
I am thinking maybe a couple more rounds and I will stop.  I plan on using this mat in the middle of my kitchen table. 

Let me share just one more thrift store find before I go!

SCORE!  Y'all know how much I love owls.  I had to have him.  He's totally vintage and looks perfect in my kitchen!
He even inspired me to make oatmeal cookies to go into his little belly.  LOL!!

That's it for now!  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crazy Insane Funky Rooster Hangers!

As busy as life has been, I have managed to crochet up a few little funky roosters.  Since I have accumulated a ton of keys, I thought they would be perfect with my roosters. 

I am completely in love with the keys and the sunflower.  This particular rooster has three vintage silk buttons and an old cuff link.  I really like the sunflower.  It is simple and quick to crochet up.  I don't have a pattern, I just do it, I'm bad about that! 

The little black rooster has an old padlock dangling from this.  If you want to try one, simply use my rooster pattern, then go to your junk drawer and see what you have in there that you could use.  Any small trinket is perfect. 

I did a little bit of a different tail on this guy.  You may notice, on some I use a flower with a button for the tail. 

This one has a piece of a key chain dangling  from the sunflower.  I like the purple spool of thread. 

Here is a close up of that little piece of keychain. 

Rooster Time!!  LOL

I call this one Mr. Bling. 

I needed some good ole hooky satisfaction and these gave it to me.  I think they are going straight into my etsy shop. 

My enbroidery floss crochet mat is coming along beautifully, but slowly!  My hands have been achey from the tiny needle, so the roosters gave me a break. 

The past two weeks have been really busy, but we have come a long way.  Since packing up all of Brad's mom's belongings, I have decided that once I get her into good shape, I am tackling myself!  I am going to go through closets and drawers, and just turn my head and toss it out!  (except for my yarn...we all know we gotta hold on to that!)

I am organizing photos and am pleased with how it's coming along.  I am pretty closed to finishing up. 

Well, it is getting close to that supper hour and I think a movie will be on the menu tonight!!  See y'all