Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year...

and Happy Birthday as well to my sister!
I had told y'all I was working on a birthday project a couple postings away. Well, here it is! This little idea hit me a few weeks ago and I must say, it turned out just as I had it pictured in my head. He is all wrapped and ready to be gifted this evening.

I cannot look away from his cuteness! The hat did it...he just makes you want to smile!

It is a gloomy cold New Year's Eve here. My energy could be better, but I am enjoying the day just staying inside and taking care of some little chores I have not had the time to get to!

I have made a little progress on my bed pillows. Well, for the moment, that is just pillow! LOL!!

The colors are working together nicely and I think a mod-podge of these crocheted pillows will look beautiful on my bed! You can see I changed the yarn a bit, added a deeper red, and couple more browns.

I wish everyone a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Creative Process

All this Christmas knitting has left me with a bit of burnout. The need to turn my attention to some crochet and granny-ing is strong. So strong, infact, that last night I picked up my hook and began putting some colors together for some pillows for my bed (as I was sitting in bed watching an old movie!)
I am still experimenting with different colors and textures and have not yet decided on exactly where I am going to start. But I thought I would share some pics of my creative process, so far! These colors are definitely what I want...but...for those that know me, I think I need more. Hmmm...this may require a trip to Hobby Lobby! (Got a gift card for Christmas!)
I bought this wooden crochet hook at SAFF, I am not sure I like it. It feels great in my hand, but it really slows me down. It is a size I, but when compared to a metal hook, would be a couple sizes larger.

I experimented in working up a larger granny with a ocuple more colors, but just didn't like it. I am thinking an additional shade of red may just be what is needed!

More to come!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Babette Couple

I had made so many snowmen, that once I gifted them all, I was left all alone!  Oh no!  So I knit up this little couple for myself!  Aren't they sweet??  I gave the little lady snowman a cape with a little red flower and a cute tasselled hat.  Mr. Snowman is just as cute with his gnome hat.

So...the Christmas weekend is winding down.  It has been a very nice Christmas this year.  If there were just more time to spend with friends!

My mom scored many nice things, but among them was a "snuggy" and an ultimate brownie pan that preslices your brownies as they bake.  She loved them both.

The  snuggy came with a little book light.  The entire family had a good time with this, trust me!!!

So, now my mind is on the new year and all I want to get done.  On that list is to lose a couple pounds.  This may be hard to get done due to the abundance of chocolate now flowing through the house!  My kitchen island is covered with it!

I have a secret little project I am working on for a birthday gift that I will reveal to blogmania later this week.  So far it is totally cute...and I can't lay the thing down to do some housework!

I have been dreaming of granny squares and crochet, and am thinking that now Christmas is passed I am ready for some crochet.  My bed has a serious need for some pretty crochet pillows to dress it up.  So this is next on the list!

Hope all had a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Greetings my fellow Blogsters!  Things have been so busy, and this morning my head is spinning!  But even among all the chaos, I wanted to share with you a picture of the finished Snow Couple I made for my mom.  She will get them tomorrow at Christmas Eve.  The Mr. Snowman stands about ten inches tall from bottom to the tip of his hat.  Mrs. Snowman is slightly smaller and delicate!  LOL!  Don't they make a handsome couple!?

I do believe that I have now finished all my snowman making that was mandatory, so now I can sit back and enjoy Christmas and make some of these little guys for myself!

Christmas comes and goes so fast...I say every year, "Next year I will get started earlier and be more organized!"  Yeah, right!  LOL!  My intentions are good, so I suppose that should account for something!

A friend of mine gifted me with something that I absolutely love...ya wanna see?

This is so me!!!  I have another rooster to add to my collection!  I haven't decided where exactly his home will be in the kitchen, so for now he is on the counter, watching over me as I putter around the kitchen.

I have more to show you but it will have to wait for another post!  For now...time to do some more shopping!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowman University

Here they bloggy buds!  It's a nice looking group of snow people, don't you think???  I have been busy trying to get these little guys done.  Three of them were not able to be in the photo because they are on their way to Las Vegas.

Their cuteness continues to make me smile...which is a good thing.  I have had some bouts with back and hip pain that completely puts me out of commission.  My husband tells me that he knows I am not feeling well when I don't even feel like knitting!!!  But today I am feeling much better, and have begun a special snowman for my mom!!  I cannot wait to present him to the bloggy world!

Yesterday evening I came home to some of this!

It was so pretty.  I spent the afternoon resting my back and enjoying a warm blanket and an old movie as the snow fell outside.

It truly looks like a White Christmas!

And this morning the ground had a thick white blanket of snow on it, I would say about four inches!  There is so much I should be out doing, but I will take this snow and work on making up a couple more Christmas presents...I can shop later, right?

So now I am off to do just that, a special snowman needs my attention...more later...I promise!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Snowman Central

Greetings from all of us here at Snowman Central! The snowman workshop is in full swing here. So much so that I no longer have a snowman family, but a snowman village!

Let me introduce you to my two newest members.

"Willie Melt"


"Crystal Snowflake"

I must admit, this little snow girl has found a soft spot in my heart! There is something about how those little tassels on that hat jiggle around as if they were actual pigtails! She is so cute and so girly that I can hardly stand it. I now have another one on the double pointed needles just waiting for me to pick up this evening and finish!

I have had many requests of the pattern for these snowmen.  Here it is, Snowman Pattern  You will see from the pattern how greatly I have improvised it and made it my own.  I wished for my snow people to have knit caps and scarves and smiles on their faces, and a carrot nose!

But before I go, let me share some more Christmas warmth with you!

Here is a wall in my kitchen where my chicken cabinet sets. Every year my wall tree dresses up this wall, and this year my rooster got a pretty Christmas bow.

Can you believe I got this little Santa for 75 cents? Now finding a bargain gives me a warm fuzzy...but this was even sweeter! I would have paid $3 for the guy!

Okay, I am off now, back to Snowman Central to finish up a new member to the village!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good Sunday morning Blogsters! I am coming to you from the sofa, sitting in front of a "Jesse Stone" movie, and let me tell ya...Tom Selleck definitely has his game on! It is cold and rainy outside, so I'm thinking a day in the pj's may be in order!! My knitting is to the right of me, my knitting bag to the left of I have all my needs taken care of!

I would love to share some more Christmas photos with you!

The wreath is on the front door to greet you as you come come on in!

With a special Christmas wish to all, "Peace"....

Now have a seat and put your feet up, enjoy the tree...

Phoebe loves Christmas Company!!

Here is a special ornament I would love to share with you all!
Made by my sister, with beads and perforated paper.
It is a tiny work of art!

Hootie Owl sets atop my tree every year!!!


Friday I took a vacation day from work and spent it with my folks. We did a little Christmas shopping, had some lunch, and relaxed a bit! It was great. I carried my camera in tow, because Mom has some beautiful crochet afghans and pillows that I find quite beautiful! I wanted you all to have a chance to see them!

Looky!!! These afghans were done my my grandmas! I love the ripple. I usually end up snuggled up beneath it every time I go over to mom's!

I would really like to take a crack at making that round pillow. I think the pattern is called "Jacob's Ladder". I am thinking my bed needs some crocheted pillows to dress it up and make it cozy...this would be perfect! Anyone know where I could find the pattern????

When leaving my mom's on Friday she handed me a sock monkey and asked if I could dress him up with a hat and scarf. OF COURSE I COULD! I was chompin' at the bit to get started on it...finished it that night. Now I ask cute is this little guy?

An instant smile comes to my face when I look at him! He has spent the last couple of days with me, I do think he has enjoyed his time with us!

He was a bit laid back!!

And got a bit wild! He was even dancing at one point! LOL

So it's back to mom's where he will be made to behave! I had so much making his little hat and scarf that I will be making one for my sock monkey!!! I think my sock monkey is a a skirt will also be needed for her! Naked monkeys tend to get naughty!!!

THE SNOWMAN WORKSHOP is still in full mode! I have finished a couple more and have another on the needles!
Ain't he cute?

And this guy? That little hat is killin me!

I am so happy I jumped into the snowman world! And I am really gonna miss these little guys when they get sent off to their destinations!!!! I have more to be made, so I am hoping do that today...perfect, Christmas movies, nasty weather, and being warm and cozy making snowmen!!! Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!!!!

I promise I will be back in a couple days with more stuff to share! I love this time of's packed full of fun stuff to get done!

TA-TA for now!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Da Iceman

Let me introduce you to 'Da Iceman' ! He is so cute and woolly that I just can't stand it! I gave this little guy a stocking cap with a tassel and a matching scarf. This self striping sock yarn by Red Heart is absolutely 'da bomb'!

I think before I start giving away these little guys they are going to get a group picture!

I am off now. There is work to be done...and Christmas shopping...I guess I need to do some of that, too!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One of those days ~

You ever have one of those days when you are not quite on your game? This is me today. My energy is low, my spirits are low...I just want my Girlie Dog and an afghan to curl up under! But alas...we can't do that. There is too much work to get done. So what do I do to get myself going???

I dream....

...about squares...

...and color....

...and suddenly... brain is happy...

...and I feel's better than a xanax!

Awwww....all better now!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Meet Mr. Blandings

No name yet.
Originally uploaded by Buckster's Pics
I was watching a Cary Grant movie on Saturday, and his character was "Mr. Blandings". Great the old black and white movies so much. But as I put the little cap on this guy, I thought to myself, that's the perfect name for him. So it is! Meet Mr. Blandings!

As you can tell from my earlier post, the weekend was packed with Christmas activity. It is so good for my spirit! I even got to my folks and decorated their tree!

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Time!

Where to start??? I have pictures galore to share with you! Firstly, let me introduce a sweet little snowman to all of you!!!!
Ain't he cute!! "Hey, Mr. Snowman, what's that in your pocket???"

OMG! Is, it??? Nah? It looks like a little baby snowman!
LOL!!! It is! Is this not ridiculously cute??? This little snowman idea has been rolling around in my brain...torturing me at times when I had other things to do. This just makes me smile. When I finished him up, and put the whole thing together I went and showed it to Brad, and the reaction I got was a big smile and a chuckle. Mission accomplished!!!

Now, I would love to share with you some pictures I took on my visit to Korner's Folley. Korner's Folley is a historic home in Kernersville, NC...just a jew minutes from my house. They decorate it to the hilt during Christmas. So my BFF and I headed over to tour it. (We always do something "Christmas-y" every year, this year it was to visit Korner's Folley.)

This is the Rose Room. I loved it. It was like going back in time. There are 16 fireplaces in this house! They were all decked out in their finest glitz!
Just look at those ceilings! They were all like this. Twenty-t!wo rooms!
Here is one of the fireplaces in the reception room.
And another....
I believe this was a sewing room.
I absolutely loved the windows in this house. They were all different...and trimmed beautifully!

This is the kitchen window. Now check out the shelves behind it! I would love to have something like this in my house. Those shelves would be filled with all kinds of houseplants and herbs!!!
I love this photograph. These are toys that were in the children's room.
Here is a vanity in the dressing room...I love the composition of this photo. All that blue white and the old china and fan.
Here is one last photo of a corner cabinet in the kitchen. I could show you guys many more...but I would also like to share some of my own trimmings with you. If you would like to see more, you can visit my flickr page and see all of them. They are full of all kinds of Christmas inspiration!

Welcome to our home!

The birdies are at the door with a special Christmas Greeting.

The tree is trimmed!

Every ledge is dressed with greenery and glitz.

An ornament from when I was a little girl...handed down to me by my mom.

I have much more I can share, but I will save some for another post. I am off to finish up some house work, do a little more Christmas magic to the mailbox, then kick back with some yarn and maybe a good movie!