Monday, June 29, 2009

Babette Update

Just look at the expression on that face! She absolutely hates the camera, and it is like pulling teeth to get a good shot of her. Is this a dog thing in general?

Babette Update: I FINISHED WITH THE LAST PANEL! Yay!!! Yes, it's true! And I am now working on the edging. The next posting I make will be of the completed blanket! I am quite obsessed with finishing it at this point, so it won't be long now.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day Dreaming

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Yes, I have a case of it! Day dreaming...the weekend is so close. I have plans of crocheting, sitting in the sun...puttering around my plants, and just enjoying the weekend! I also hope to take pictures of a completed Babette Blanket!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Summer!

Summer is officially here! I love it. This past winter was so cold and gray...spring has been wet, but very pretty...and now it's summer. Yay! I have been busy working outside and in. I have found some primo crochet time this weekend, and I have devoted it completely to my Babette Blanket! I found time to take some pictures of my progress, as well as some of Phoebe. I won't post each one. If you would like to see them all, you can visit me at I am Buckster.

Here is one of Phoebe on my blanket. I tried to get her to sit for me, but she actually hates my camera! After several tries I got this one. I'm not exactly sure what that look is. Maybe, "Please, stop taking pictures of me!"

I have completed one half of the last blue band!! My pace seems to have slowed down to a snails crawl...but I am making progress. The more I crochet with these blues the more I love them!

How do you like my chair? This has been one of my outside projects. I have a set of two chairs, a table, and them at a deal for $25 bucks. The set was in excellent shape, it was just the paint was chipping and dirty. So out with the old and in with the new. I am liking this tan color I selected.

And my Babette looks great draped over the arm!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's a Dog's Life!

Don't Bug Me!
Yes, it's a dog's life! Phoebe loves my Babette. As I work on it, I have to lay it out in front of me so I can piece my new squares...she can't stand it. I turn around and she has manipulted it with those little stubby feet into her own personal bed! Now most crocheters would probably shutter...but I enjoy it. Somehow she goes perfectly with every afghan or blanket I crochet!

This weekend I was able to spend time working on my blanket. This last leg of it has become long and at times mundane, so I have to put it down for a little while. But I am determined to get this thing done. I have run into one other obstacle...that is the need for more yarn. I was hoping I could stretch it out but I don't think it's gonna quite make it!
I am not sure if you can tell, but I have one more band of the blue border to complete then I can finish it up! I am so pleased with how this is looking, I suppose that is what has kept me working on it! I am even toying with the idea of entering it into the Dixie Classic Fair this fall.
Blue Babette Square
For those that have been asking I am posting a link to the yarn I am using. I get it from Knitpicks, and it is called "Pallette". The colors it comes in are absolutley stunning. And of course, you can tell from this photo a small hook is required!
Indulge me...having no children to photograph, and a husband who disappears the moment I get my camera out, I have one willing subject in the house! So here is one more picture of Phoebe relaxing with me on the covered porch while I crochet. I am beginning to think I may need to rename this "Phoebe's Blanket"!
Well I am off to order more yarn!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Resurfaced Babette

Blue Babette Panel
I am totally back into the Babette mode once again. This is the reason I do not like to stop a project for another, because it can take some time before I get back to it. In this has been several months since I have picked up my Babette.
Babette Progress
But just look at her beauty! And I cannot wait to get it done. At this point I am halfway through the third blue panel border, so I am very close. Then I must decide on what to do with the border. I believe I am going to completely use up all my blue yarn, so it will probably be in the brighter colors.
Babette Progress

Blue Babette Granny

I like this big square! The blues just pull me in.

For now I will leave you with hopefully some crochet inspiration. I am actually contemplating my next Babette. This one actually started as a custom order, which fell through. So the yarn selection and colors were not truly what I would have picked out for myself.

Phoebe on Saturday Morning

I am leaving you with a sweet picture of Phoebe, looking completely comfortable lounging in one of my chairs on the covered porch. It's truly a dog's life!