Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Love To Thrift!

I made a few awesome scores thrifting this week!!!  Like this awesome yarn bowl.  Goodwill $4

It inspired me to do a little organizing.  My craft room is a wreck.  A snow day allowed me to get in there and clean up a bit.  I would love to empty it out and paint the walls.  Maybe this spring.   

Here is another thrift store find!!  It made me happy for a couple of dollars!!!   I love the ball of ribbon yarn.  It reminds me of peacock feathers and of course, I can't resist a vintage owl!!!

Except for the weather it was a pretty good week.  It is so cold here.  There is still a lot of snow on the ground! 

I have a scarf on the needles that should get finished up this week.  

Here is my angel painting I spoke about in my last post.   I am a bit proud of it!  I have two more blank canvases waiting for me to paint...I just can't seem to get to them.  I enjoy painting Angels because I can use so many colors.  It is time well spent and so good for my brain!  

I am out of here for now!  Everyone have a great week!!!!