Saturday, November 28, 2009

Finished Poncho!

Tah-Dah! Whew...finished this up last night.

This is the front neck line.

And a closer view of the stitches.

I laced up the back (which can also be worn as the front). is the front. Like?

And the back! Like???
I'm not sure where to start about telling y'all about the pattern, because it is all in my head!! I am toying with writing it up for my etsy shop. The hardest part was weaving in the ends!!! Let me tell ya, I thought I was going to get a serious case of burnout from having to weave in those ends. But, the pain of dealing with all those ends was worth it in the long run, because those bands of colors are so worth it!

The crocheted flower choker is something I whipped up last night...After I finished the poncho I looked like a lost child!!! My hands had nothing to work on, so I picked up my crochet hook and a ball of this ribbon yarn (which I also used in the poncho) and cranked this out. I think it looks pretty with the poncho!

I am off make some snowmen!!! Yay!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thrift Store Mania!

Just look at the goodies I walked out of our local Community Thrift Store with!! I love that place! It's full of fun stuff to dig through. I always find something I have to have!

Believe it or not, I only spent $3.12! Shut-Up! ~Really! I kid you not! I was on my lunch hour, so I couldn't really spend the amount of time I wanted to in there. Why is it that I get so happy when I find a good Thrift or Consignment shop??

I am so pleased with that little Santa!! This is just what I needed to get some motivation to put up the tree and all the Christmas trimmings around the house! I promise! I will post some pictures this year!

I used my camera phone to snap a shot of my Christmas-y finds once I got back to work.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The story behind the Cornucopia extends way back to the times of Greek mythology. It did not become a part of the traditional “giving of thanks” among the English until after they heard of it in the year 1508. It was years later, when the first Pilgrims arrived and made their homes in America,that this tradition was brought along with them and became a regular celebration. Ever since that first Thanksgiving, the Cornucopia has always been associated with giving thanks for the abundance of food the earth has provided us with.

Of interest is the Greek mythology surrounding the origins of the Cornucopia. Legend has it that Rhea, the mother of the great god Zeus, entrusted his care while an infant to several nurses. One of them, Amalthea, went to great lengths to keep the baby safe. As outlandish as it might sound to us, she hung his cradle up high, on a tree where he would not be easy prey for wildlife. She felt him to be safest if he would be neither in the heavens or on earth, nor in the sea. While strange, indeed, this in itself is typical of mythology. It was during this time that Amalthea fed the infant deity with the milk of a goat. As he grew in strength, young Zeus was said to have broken off one of the goat's horns, handing it to the nurse who was caring for him. He then, with the magical ability he possessed as being a god, gave the Cornucopia the power to be filled with whatever the holder of it desired. This is how it earned the distinction of being a "horn of plenty."
While other, lesser known versions of the mythical story exist, the one of Zeus was the most widely believed and spread from generation to generation.

Without a doubt, this Thanksgiving, where a Cornucopia is displayed, you will think back to its beginnings and have a greater appreciation for what it represents. It certainly is a fitting item to be included in our holiday celebrations.

I, personally, would love to see a Cornucopia overflowing with all kinds of yarn...LOL
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Friday, November 20, 2009


It's Friday,
time to wind down,
and enjoy all the simple
things in life!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bands of Color - Poncho Progress

One Panel Done!
Here's a little sneeky peeky at the progress on the poncho. As you can see, I am flying right a long with it. The hardest part, weaving in all those ends. That's what changing yarn so much will get you. Buy boy-o-boy...the result is like looking at eye candy. I just want to touch it and absorb all those rows of color. I need to count how many different yarns I am putting into this thing. I know it is at least 25!
One Panel Done!
I think the garter stitch is a good choice for knitting in bands of color!
One Panel Done!
One more can see I have some fuzzy stuff in there, some cream mohair separating the groups of colors just to add a little interest. I am in total fascination with how good the red goes in there, and those little bits of blue and brown!

I had asked earlier this month if anyone was up for a scrappy challenge. My friend Alessandra was! Just look at her scarf!! I would wear that bad boy in a minute! Alessandra is one of the crochet dominoes! She is so very creative, and manages to keep a husband and small baby in happy harmony while running her etsy shop, Just Be Happy! You should take a minute and check it out! It is full of scarves that will make you drool, as well as some of her original patterns, neck warmers, hats, jewelry, I could go on and on!!
I found a couple other scrappy inspirations while perusing flickr and ready???
I absolutely dig this little pencil can! And it is a great way to store those crochet hooks...I would keep this next to my knitting spot on the sofa all the time!

Now this granny square blanket made me stop in my tracks. Done purely from this ladies stash! It is so impressive...and inspires me to do another blanket!
WOW! Those of you that know me, know that this gets my motor running! It is stunning!

Lastly, I thought these little eggs were so neat! And looking at these, I get ideas for doing Christmas Balls. Very pretty!

Don't know about anyone else, but this crochet inspires me so much!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Puppy Dogs and Granny Blankies


Two of my favorite things,
Phoebe, looking very sweet,
and a granny square blanket!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"It's Raining Snowmen! Hallelujah"

Aren't they adorable. I thought I would add a smile to these two! I am so hooked on making these little fellas it isn't funny! I have been naming these as I knit them. Meet "Whitey" and "Slim"! So, do you like the smiles on them, or are they better without??? I cannot decide! promised...some more granny goodness to show you of Summer's Binky!! I this little blanket!!! I hope this little baby grows up with this Binky and will carry it with her...wrap her dollies up in it...and sleep at night with it!
I am not normally a fan of pastels, but I like this one...but you know I can't stick to the "baby" colors!
so, these pretty shades of pink and blue were begging me to "pump up the volume"!
and when I added that bright pink and that pinkish red....
sounds kinds silly, but I felt that satisfaction I get when the colors just come to life!!! My brain gets happy!
Oh My!!! I couldn't put down my crochet hook, or stop changing colors after each row!
Just one more picture of the border. Rows of pink in half-double crochet. I think it framed it perfectly!

This little blankie was a complete stash buster, which makes it even sweeter! I think the turquoise green and the bright yellow and purple just make it. I hope this blankie makes both baby and mommy all warm and snuggly inside!

Now, I am on my next venture...and it is starting off quite nicely! A poncho...full of color and texture. And today is going to be sunny and warm today, so some picture taking will be happening!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wooly and his new buddy...

Good Friday afternoon! And a lazy one at that! I am in that mood...ready to get on to the weekend. My to do list consists of a little work around the house and some yarn action!

My Wooly Snowman has found a buddy! OMG...OMG...I cannot say how much I enjoy making these little guys! I have another one ready to be adorned with a nose and eyes, and his scarf and hat!!! Since I started making these, I have tossed my pattern aside and just do my own thing. Now how much fun is that I ask!

But, I cannot get too carried away, because I have a poncho to make for an etsy customer. I will definitely be casting some stiches on my circulars and get started on it! There will be plenty of pictures so I can get some feedback on what I am doing!

Now...let the weekend begin. I know mine will start with some pizza and a dvd!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Binky for Summer

Greetings blogsters! I just finished up this little Binky I made for a new grandbaby of a friend at work. I'll bring you some more pictures when I am able to score some daylight hours. I snapped this little shot this evening, but don't want to press my's so hard to get a decent picture at night!

I'm's humpday, and tomorrow is Little Friday, which means the weekend in rolling on in!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy Happy Hands!

I have so much to share I am not sure where to start. Scarves have been finished and blocked, my fingers have picked up tiny knitting needles and come up with a snowman, and the beginnings of a baby blanket for a shower gift has started. I also got a custom order this week for a poncho, which I am excited about starting!

So....let's start here...
I can never tired at looking at all this warm color! I just want to wrap up in it.
This, my Bloggy Buddies, is the reason I love crochet. Those of you that crochet and crave the mixture of colors coupled with a good granny know exactly what I mean! I must admit, I left this scarf draped around the dress form, just for the simple pleasure of being able to gaze at it as I walk into my kitchen. This simple thing pleases me to no end and usually gives me the urge to jump right back into that yarn basket to see what damage I can do next!
And here we have scarf No. 1. A friend of mine at work, who appreciates a good granny square scarf, took one look at this and I thought for a moment I would not get it back!! But I did, and I am sure Santa will be bringing her one for Christmas this year. was a given I would have to make another, right!!! LOL!
So, here it is, No. 2! Just as pretty and full of that warm color in those traditional grannies that I am so nuts about!

And of course, I have to include a snap of Phoebe! After all she is right by my side as I crochet, protecting me from all those sounds she hears coming from outside, usually the kids in the street!

Okay, so sorry, but just one more granny square picture...

I want y'all to be able to see all the colors I put into these scarves.

So, with that done, I set my sights on trying to knit a little snowman. I had seen so many cute ones on Ravelry, all saying how easy they were, so I did, and,

you ready?

Ta - da!
I named him "Wooly". And now, I have been seriously been bitten with the snowman bug, which is not a bad thing mind you, it's just that I have a couple things I need to finish up before cranking out snowmen. For those who would like the pattern, it is free on line. Here: I did put my own personal flair to him. The pattern has a top hat...I wanted a tobogan on him. He is a true ornament, about 4 inches tall. Oh, I crocheted a little carrot nose on him, too.

Next on my list is a little baby blanket that is a shower gift for a daughter of a lady I work with. And yes, it is granny squares, and gobs of different baby colored yarn with some brights thrown in the mix. It is turning out quite cute. I promise some pictures when I get finished.

I do love the Fall. My brain begins thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the things I want to make to give as gifts...just to realize, there is no way I can get everything made! These shorter days also keep me inside with my yarn in the evening, which I love!!!

I am hoping everyone has a great week!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sneaky Peak

Just a tiny sneaky peak at my finished granny square scarf. Love it! Love it so much, I made two! I am hating it so bad that I missed my window of the perfect lighting to get more, they will have to wait for tomorrow! The colors in these grannies gets me absolutely giddy with that crochet excitement!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happiness is.....

some pretty yarn, a good snack, a warm sweater, basket full-o-grannies, a little bit of pink, a bright Babette, a sweet little Phoebe, kids at play, and a cool skirt to wear!
Have a great day, blogsters!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This week I picked up that basket of scrappy left over yarn and went to town. I am really enjoying working with these odds and ends. I was literally just reaching in and picking up a little ball of yarn without even looking! Isn't it amazing how all the colors just seem to work together!
Love'n the fuzzyness mixed in there! And that bumpiness of the garter stitch! Okay...I need to curb my enthusiasm, but I just can't help it. I think I was born with it. When I was little I just loved crayons, LOL! And a new box was like Christmas. I even liked the can see how insane I am!

So, all this "using up the scrappies" had me craving for more! So ~ I pulled out my crochet hook, and it was on..."Granny Time".
Ruh Roh! I'm like'n it! I am not not sure whether this should be as scarf, a granny blanky...or something else. This time I am making an effort not to use any black or white in the grannies. All earthy warm colors. And yesterday, Halloween, was so perfect to work on this. It was drizzily and foggy...sitting inside with a good movie and crocheting was like heaven to me!
I have done quite a bit more since yesterday! So, I will share some more pictures later!

I have another day of this gloomy cool weather, so I am going to make the best of it! I am off to my crochet corner for some more scrappy happiness!