Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just check this out!  I call it "Tropical Waves Half Granny Wrap".  My niece looks so cute in it.
And here's a view from the flip side.  These colors are a little "out of the box" for me, but they did come together nicely.  I had a request a couple months ago for a meditation shawl in these colors.  After knitting on it for quite some time I decided I was not at all happy with it.  I didn't like the way the colors changed and told my gal that I wanted to scrap it and crochet her something.  I'm not sure if she will like this, and if so, I have an idea floating around in my head of a knit shawl. 

I also finished up a scarf this weekend.  It will be just perfect to wrap up in this winter, it's guaranteed not to be scratchy, the boucle yarn has made it very soft against the skin.
So, you like?  The fun fir mixed with the boucle make it look as if the ends were real fur!
I so enjoy knitting these scarves up.  I guess it's because I get to change colors so much, and I like the graphic patches of black.  I'm not sure yet what will become of this scarf, maybe gifted at Christmas or go into my etsy shop.  And since all my knit and crochet projects are completed I'm thinking of starting another!

All in all it's been a productive weekend.  Busy, but productive.  Today I went to my brother's house to make some cards with my sis-in-law!  We had a blast and I have a couple of pics I wanna share with y'all!

This is a pumpkin card I made.  All I did was rubber stamp the leaves and the pumpkin and water colored them, then cut them out and pop-dotted them on the rust background and added some ribbon.  It turned out quite nicely!
Here are a couple of "girlfriend" cards.  Very simple and very cute!

I have one more thing to share before I go.  My brother has gotten very creative with the back patio this year!  It's lush and green and full of color.  I must say, I am quite impressed!  Just check out these flowers he planted.
Now how neat is that!  He planted these flowers in an old worn out pair of boots!  I love it!

Everyone be good and try to have a good week!  I'm outy for now!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Hookah Goodness!

I am so pleased with my little Granny Square Baby Binky that I can't stand myself!  This one turned out just as I had it pictured in my head.  The red variegated yard is like icing on the cake, it makes the blanket. 

Since a picture is worth a thousand words...let's talk!

The larger squares are nine round grannies.  Each is started by the navy blue, surrounded in about three rounds of warm yellows and a row of white.  I think the white and red really pop the whole thing up.

I have to admit, I likes me some variegate yarn!  In fact, I loves it!  It all goes together. 

Doesn't it look right at home?  But, it won't hang around long.  I made this for a girl at work who has a baby boy on the way.  I cannot wait to give it to her! 

So, now I'm thinking I need a binky for myself.  My porch seems to really need one!  So, it's on my list.  Along with a rug to finish up and a scarf that will be done this weekend!  Seems odd to knit scarves in 100 degree temperatures, but hey, that's what knitters do!

For now I'm on my way to catch up with all the other blogs I love to follow, then sit back with some yarn and enjoy the evening.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Squares = Another Blankie

Yup, I think I like it, too!  I am stitching the squares together by hand.  Guess I'm a bit old school...I like this look!  This blankie has more blue then the last one, and I added an apple green to it.  Each center will be in blue. 

I have now revved up my granny square addiction to full speed.  While working on these I am all ready putting color combinations together for the next project.  Being on flickr has also contributed to this, there are so many crocheters on there, and some of my contacts are hard core granny square lovers!!  (You guys know who you are!)  It's like crochet crack!

I have been looking for a granny scarf I made last winter.  For some reason I just could not find it.  Searched closets, name it!  Well, guess what!  I found it!  Tucked in my closet with all my other scarves, loving draped over a hanger where I put it!!!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!!!!!

So I took it out and snapped some new pictures of it.  I am so wanting to do another.
Some of you may remember it.  It is out of fine wool yarn crocheted into granny squares and then felted.  One of my faves!

I am hoping for a nice productive week!  Today is mine.  All the house work is done, groceries are I can have a little extra time to just enjoy the day!!!  I have a roast to get in the crock pot for supper!  Yummy! 

Now I'm off to do something with this hair!  I got antsy yesterday and went to a walk in salon to get it trimmed,  BIG MISTAKE!  I should have waited to get in to see my girl Cora!!!  Lesson learned.  I knew the minute she took that first snip it wasn't going to be good for me. 

Later Gaters!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby Blanket Done!

Well, I finished up the baby blanket!  Yay!  And I do love much that I really would like to keep it.  It seems to be right at home on my back porch.  For some reason I can't stop taking pictures of it.  It's my favorite of all the baby binky's I have ever done. 

Phoebe has given it seal of approval as well.  We spent our morning out on the porch lounging and messing with the plants.  This is her spot!

I really like using variegated yarn in my squares.  It really gives each square a different look, although they all go together.  I have never been one to use just a few colors, I get bored working on it.  The more I mix up, the happier I am! that I am done...I have started some new squares for another blankie.  It's the same but different!  LOL.  I am using more blue and instead of the dusty green I have picked up a pretty apple green.  And I am sewing my squares together instead of joining as I go. 

Pretty???  This square has three different variegated yarns in it...and I am crocheting the first round in each square in blue.  I can't wait to get about four of these done and joined to see how it's going to look.

Well, the three day weekend is coming to a close and it's back to work tomorrow.  And it's also going to be a hot one!   100 degrees on Wednesday!!  That's hot. 


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thank God It's Saturday!

And thank goodness I am off work for a three days!  This week has been brutal! 

So...guess what I've been doing?????

You got it!!!!  My hook has been busy making little squares for this baby binky, for a little boy.  And I am loving the way the colors are coming together!

I decided no "traditional baby blue" in this blanket.  I find it hard to work with, I totally use my interest.  I picked out shades of denim-y blue and pale green, and popped some soft yellows, of course always a white, and some red in the center of the square.  I think most of the time a blanket needs a light contrast in it, either a cream color, white or pale yellow.  It makes them come to life!

I will no doubt have this done this weekend, and then I will be starting on another!  I am thinking it will be a lot like this one, but maybe slightly different. 

Here is a close up of the squares if interested.

I think the blue and green border is really setting it off.  I am using "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby, and some TLC Essentials Multi from A.C. Moore (that i the red and the light peachy variegated yarn in the blanket). 

I know doubt will be back with some more pictures this weekend!!!