Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Owlies

So...what do you think?  A little too funky??  I like him...he's got character!
I added little wings to these guys.  Their funkiness makes me smile. 
Simple and cute.  The next step is to get a pattern written up for these.  Right now I am trying to crochet up as many as possible for my craft show on the 10th.

I want to thank everyone who volunteered to test out the Hootie pattern!!  It is very appreciated and I got some great feed back.  I now have the pattern listed in my etsy shop. 

Fall is in full swing here today.  It seemed to take its time getting here, but the air is finally crisp and cool and the leaves are falling!  I love it!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So, when in Asheville at SAFF, I was in this cool little shop where they were selling these little owls made from scraps of fabric and buttons.  Got me to thinking...and you know...that can be a dangerous thing!
 So, can you stand the cuteness????
I sure can't!

 And I am completely out of control!!

 Look at the Owlie in a little bit of Noro!

Sorry for all the pictures, but they are so freaking cute I can't stand it.  And yes, I will be writing up the pattern.  BTW...knitters, they would be cute knit up, too!!!!

What a great vacation I'm having....just chilling and working on all these ideas I have not had time to work up! 

I'll be back!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hootie Pattern Tester Needed

I was looking for a few who could test a pattern for Hootie.
If you would like to try one out for me, just send me your email, and I will email the pattern to you.  All you have to do is try the pattern out and give me your comments on whether it was easy to follow.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Zig-Zags and Laughter

Scrap Happy Zig-Zag Blanket done!!  I finished it while at SAFF this weekend (which was a blast - see below!)  I can't tell you how much fun this was to work on.  There were a good amount of ends to weave in, but it was so worth it!!!!
What do you think???  Definite keeper!!
Phoebe totally approves!!

This weekend was SAFF, so our group of girlz piled up in the truck and headed to Asheville for a weekend of yarn, food, and fun!!  I have never laughed so much in my life!!!!
First off, the fall color was amazing!!  How perfect!  This year about ten of us rented a cabin on Swannanoa Mountain. 
Just look at the view!!!!  The air was crisp and cold in the morning and evenings, while the days warmed up, we couldn't have asked for better weather.
You can shop til you want to drop...then find a seat and put your feet up and knit awhile!!  
My girl Mel scarfed up these cute little sock monkeys. 
How cute is this!!!  Annie couldn't resist it.
I'm still drooling over this.
These girls are a hoot!!
Monkey enjoying some McDonald's fries!
I came home with this cool Lantern Moon bag full of yarn!
Some beautiful hand dyed!

So now that I'm home I am off the entire week, and have plans to just lay back and enjoy the time off.  And of course, do a little knitting and crochet!

Everyone have a great week!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Check out this guy!!  I got a package in the mail and he was in it! My blogging buddy, Wildaboutcolor, had a give away, and I was one of the lucky ones!  Pop over to her blog I promise, you'll love it!  And be sure you check out her etsy shop, too.  Thank you so much Ellen...this little guy is kee-yute!! 

How about a little zig-zaggy afghan update.  I am almost done.  I am working on the border now, so it won't be much longer.  I really like this pattern.  It is pure-tee relaxing crochet.  You can find the pattern here.

Girlie totally approves of my progress, I think she has claimed it as her afghan!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meet Fang!

Meet Fang!

He likes to hang upside down!

He likes to hang upside down!
Is he not the cutest thing???
I have been a busy girl all crochet hook has not had time to even cool down.  Between working on my afghan and owls, I had the idea for Fang pop into my head and had to put the brakes on everything else until I crocheted him up.  I just love him.  I will probably fine tune him a bit.

Owls, Owls, and more Owls!
 Here are just a few of them.
 Now these are fun to make!
Oh, I almost forgot....
 I knit up this tiny little pumpkin, and I am jones'n to do some more...if only I had more time.
I wanted to show you afghan pictures, too, but me camera batteries died on my while I snapped these.  I can say, progress is good!  I am working on the border!

Everyone have a great week!
SAFF is next week, and I am headed to Asheville on Friday with the girls to overload on yarn porn, chocolate, and giggling! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gettin My Hook On!

I have always thought a picture is worth a thousand I'll show you what I've been up to this week.  I have been hooking owls.  The idea came to me driving home from work one evening.  The rest is history.  This is little guy is what a week's worth of crocheting and working out ideas have resulted in.  And I think I am most pleased with the results.
This was the first one I worked up.  Cute, I know, but I thought he could be cuter.
All very cute.  I like the little short one.  But, still...not quite there.
 Then this little guy, made from some chunky yarn in my scrap basket.
Getting there.  But not quite happy with his little horns. 
Getting there...I added a little yellow in the eyes and made his horns a little more pointy.  LOL!
Definitely getting there.  I really liked this chunky yarn, too. that's it...some wings! work here is done!  I will be bringing a pattern soon.  But right now I am trying to crank as many of these guys out for a craft sale coming in November. 

Everyone have a great week and keep those creative juices flowing!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scrap Happy Progress

Progress on my Scrap Happy is coming right a long.  Maybe a bit slower than normal, but that's okay.  I am also working on a shawl.  Two projects at one time!  It's a bit out of my norm, but I needed something smaller I could carry with me to knit night.
Look at those ziggy zags!  That's what makes this so much fun to work on, just watching how the different colors come together.  It occurred to me, you could make these into squares and stitch them together.  I may have to experiment a bit with that.  It would be great for using up those tiny bits of yarn!
How do you like my hook bag?  A girl at work had one of those thirty-one bags party.  I ordered this little bag, and instead of having my initials put on it, I had "hooks" on it.  It is perfect to carrying around my crochet hooks!

Let me share some vintage with y'all.  This is a piece of crochet done by my Great Grandmother.  I am certain it is in a hand dyed wool.  I am not sure what stitch, this is, it looks like a type of shell stich.  I am sure I could figure it out or find it somewhere.  I think I am going to add this to my ravelry page, I wonder what she would think of that?!!
This is her.  She was born in 1888 and died in 1962 a few days before I was born.  It gives me such a heart warming feeling to just be able to have these pieces of her crochet. 
Here is the doily she made to go with it.  And yes, that is her iron!  I have more of her items in my possession.  Does this not give you just a glimpse into what her life was like?  It does me. 
Unbelievably, these are in pretty good condition.  There is a little hole in the doily, and the dresser scarf is a bit faded.  I was thinking about doing this same set for myself.  How neat would that be!
Here is another picture of her.  She was tiny!!  I'll stop here.  I could post all day about family history, and share pictures if time would let me!