Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm not sure what you call this!

I have absolutely no idea what you call this, but I like it!  I found this old cardboard loom in my Grandma's sewing box.  After "googling" for about an hour and finding nodda on it, I just started playing.  I did find a lot on flower looms and kind followed that idea. 

If any of y'all know of any patterns or information on this craft I would love to hear from you.  I am curious of actually what these actually made into, and if they were ever joined, crocheted around, or exactly what.
"Waffle-Y!!"  I had watched a crochet show where they were making the flowers on the round looms and attaching them together to make scarves and hats, which were so interesting.  I looked in Hobby Lobby for the loom, found it, but OMG  $20.  I'm so freakin cheap, I kept thinking I could make my own for a lot less.  Maybe it's time to hunt around etsy or ebay.

I had more to show you by my flippin batteries in the camera died on me.  So, they are on the charger.  I will be taking some more pictures tomorrow!

I'm off work all week, and enjoying the down time.  Attacking some cleaning and de-cluttering that has been hanging over my head.  After working all morning and afternoon, a trip to the Salvation Army with a car full of junk, and filing old papers it is now time to get my hook and yarn out and work on African Flower motifs.  Can't wait to show y'all what I am up to!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Most Recent Addiction!

the African Flower...I am eat up with it.  LOL.  Y'all crocheters know exactly what I mean.  You crochet up that first motif and BAM...it's like crack!  Yarn crack!  That's how I was after my first African Flower.
I picked up one of those little foot stools at the thrift store, you know the one, they were so popular in the 70s.  I only paid $3!  My husband looked at it like I was nuts for bringing it home.  I just said, "just wait till I get it done!"
So, after that first motif I knew exactly how I was going to use it.  Don't you just love it!!!  I keep moving it all over the house to find the perfect spot for it.  LOL!  I experimented with the base using different colors of rows and kept ripping it out.  I decided I liked the solid black the best.  It just makes it all pop.  All those colors make my little hooky heart skip a beat!

So, yes, I am now totally consumed with this pattern.  And yes, I have started making more.  My next venture is a bag for moi!!
I think it is going to be awesome.  I love those big messenger style bags, and I think that is going to be where I am headed with these.  My plan is to use only bright solids.

Paired with my vintage Little Red Riding Hood rag doll it is perfect.  My mom confiscated this little doll from her mom.  It was made by her aunt, so it is  old.  My guess would be that it pre dates me, so that would be at least 50 years.
I cherish these little hand made family treasures!

I also worked on more butterflies.  I changed them a little by adding some beads, making a short chain and tassel, and adding a key ring...they make awesome scissor fobs.
My sofa has a way of eating my scissors...but not any more!
I think they would also be great to hang off of a purse.  The beads and tassel was like icing on the cake...it just made them!
Maybe I have inspired some of y'all to make some!

Well, it's Sunday evening, so we are going to watch some Mad Men and chill out.  Of course, I am crocheting African Flower motifs.  Y'all have a wonderful week!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Butterlies and Pincushions

I found this pattern online and instantly knew I had to do it.  My thought, perfect to give to my mom for Mother's Day. 
Needless to say, she loved it!  I found the pattern here.  Y'all know me, I had to add some grooviness to it, so I added a vintage spool and tassel.  Holy cow!  I love making these!!!  It gets my creativity going and I can't stop. 
See what I mean!  LOL!  Yes, I had to do one for myself and a couple more after that, just because. 
This one is mine.  It sits on the arm of the sofa right next to me and is doing a superb job of holding my needles so they don't get lost. 

Years ago my grandma crocheted me a butterfly with a magnet on it to go on my refrigerator.  I have managed to keep it all these years without losing it.  I have always wanted to make one, and this week I did.  Only mine have a little bit of whimsy added. 
I added a cord and tassel which make it perfect to use as a scissor fob (which I need because my sofa has a way of eating my scissors!)  Aren't they cool!!  I used my grandma's as a go by, but have seen the pattern all over the internet.  Here is a little tutorial I found on them.  They take minutes to crochet up.  I used yarn for the body and antenna. 
I also added vintage buttons to some. 
You could use these in so many ways.  I have so many ideas for making these that it's pure insane!  I will be playing more with these. 
I do love the cord and tassel added.  This one is mine!  And yes, my mom got one as well to go with her pincushion!

Sunday afternoon, time to wind down before another work week.  That's exactly what I plan on doing too!  I have been crocheting the "African Flower Granny" and absolutely love it.  I have a surprise project they are going in which I cannot wait to get done and posted.  I should have it all done by next weekend!!

That's all for now.  Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there!!

 Phoebe and my brother (she loves him!)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Owlie Key Pouches

Aren't they adorable!!  I have spent my evenings this past week getting the pattern ready.  It is being tested now, and there are a few tweaks to be made to it, so it won't be long.

I can tell you it takes all of about 45 minutes to crochet up the tiny purse. 

I wanted to share a picture I took this afternoon of my dad's dog.  His name is Ringo, he's 15.  Poor little guy hasn't felt good at all.  He has been recovering from knee surgery and just hasn't been able to bounch back.  Now he's not eating and he doesn't want my dad out of his site.  Don't you just want to hug him.  He's a little Pom.  He spends a lot of time sleeping.

Let me share some pictures of the Wienie Fest yesterday.  Me and Phoebe had a fun time.  She met some dachshunds the really liked!

Check this little guy out!  He was absolutely adorable and so sweet and happy.  He had no problem getting around in his wheel chair.

Brother and sister (cannot remember their names) that a couple rescued.

Phoebe got a new harness so she can be groovy just like me!!!

My sweet girlie checking out all the buzz!  I personally think she was the prettiest dachshund there!

Ok, before I go I have one more little project to show you.

I crocheted up a doily to set into the compote I spray painted the other week.  Just used some cotton yarn scraps I had on hand.  May make another one with more black and deeper colors.

Well, that's all I have for now.  Time for a little supper and some evening crocheting.  Monday gets here way too fast!