Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog Post on the Fly!

Good Lord things have been nuts!  It's been a crazy world in Sparksville this past week.  It seems to be calming down a little bit, which is great for both me and Mr. Sparks!

Firstly, SAFF was great.  The Girlz and I had a blast.  We all brought back preeties. Had some super carbage.  Enjoyed the beautiful Asheville color!  And had some good girl time sitting around in our room in the evening knitting.

Here is my knitting bud Annie, modelling some cute little finger puppets we found in a booth!  We both decided we need to make some of these!
My Girl Mel getting some Noro Knitting going!  Love this so much, that I had to'll see below!
Me & Annie resting our tootsies!  There was a lot of walking!!!
I snapped this in Downtown Asheville with my phone camera...the downtown was absolutely beautiful.

It was a whirlwind weekend, but so fun meeting old Ravelry friends and seeing all the yarn!

I did manage to finish up a couple scarves this past week, which I can't believe.

I couldn't be more pleased.  I love working this pattern.  And the self striping yarn really adds.  The yarn is from Hobby Lobby, their house brand, "I Love This Yarn".
This chevron pattern really makes a pretty ripple.  I have plans to make another one, but will be shaking it up a bit in my usual manner...that's all I'm going to say for now! :)
Another picture, just because!  LOL!
Check out my Noro Stripe!  Cute?  Once I saw Mel making one I wanted to do the same.  I added a solid black wool because I did not have two kinds of Noro in my stash.  I really like it!
I do believe I will give it a soak in some fabric softener to lessen the scratchiness of it.  I used a k2, p2 ribbing and switched yarn every two rows to create the stripe.  I have been thinking that all those left over variegated yarns I have stashed away may be just perfect for more of this!
Let me share with you this gorgeous hand spun hand dyed mohair I snagged at SAFF.  I saw a wrap there I loved made from mohair, but in a color that really wasn't me.  I picked up this mohair with that in mind.  Problem was I grabbed the brushed mohair.  It needed a fingering weight thread to go with it, so I paired it up with this garnet colored wool.
This is working up really fast.  I think once I get it to the width I want and bind off, I will cast on at each end and add a ruffle.  I can see it in my head, let's just hope it turns out that way!  LOL!

So, I'm off of here for now.  I hope to be back later this week with my wrap progress.  I also have a couple projects to get started on for a couple customers.  Another variegated wrap and a little girl's scarf.  If only I had more time! *sigh*

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finished Wrap!

Yay me!  I got it done.  This is truly "variegated yarn insanity"!  I think some knitters would really sneer at the constant changing of yarn, but I like it.  It keeps my interest.  I love to watch how the colors work out.  Weaving in ends has never bothered me.  I find that I get bored with something if it is all one color.  So I guess you could say, this keeps me going! 
I think adding the ribbing was a good move.   It gives it a pretty edging. 
Here's a back view.  I put in three buttonholes, but it could easily be changed up.  It would be pretty with buttons all the way down the edging, of course, I would have to increase the length for that.
It also looks pretty wrapped around the shoulders.  I had to experiment while I had my camera out...that's just how I am. 
This picture reminds me of a cowl neck sweater I used to have back in the 70s! 

So, now I have another one to make!  But first I want to finish a couple of scarves I have been working on.  And I miss my crochet hook bad!!!  I do have a half granny square shawl started that I am itching to work on again.  I just might have to pull it out and finish it up just to change up things. 

So here it is Sunday evening, and once more Monday is closer than I would like it to be.  Three day weekends would be so nice!  But I don't see that happening.  Next Friday I leave with the girls in knitting group to go to SAFF!  I cannot tell you how much fun it was last year.  My eyes glazed over when I walked in and saw all that yarn.  EVERYWHERE!  Hand dyed and hand spun yarn, for as far as the eye could see!  I'll definitely take my camera this year and share some pictures. 

I'm off to work on a scarf and kick back with a movie.  Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

WIP - Body Wrap Near Completion!!

I am so close to finishing this up I can't stand it!  I do love it when I get something near to being finished and you can see everything coming together.  This is a special order.  I took a little creative freedom and added the ribbing around the entire wrap.  Have to likey!
I couldn't help it, I had to put it on the dress form and snap some pictures.  I think the ribbing helps it fit to the body.  The back will have a couple of buttons to keep the whole thing on the bod.  I haven't quite got to the point yet.
Here's a little close up.  I am calling this "Crazy Insane Variegated Yarn Body Wrap"...the insanity for the continuously changing of colors and weaving in of ends.  There will be a final "tah - dah" later this week when I get it finished up.  I was hoping to get that done this weekend, but time is winding down and I still have a few more hours to put into this.  I am also writing a pattern for it to go into my etsy shop, in case anyone wants to partake in the insanity.

Let me also share with you a couple of scarves I have on the needles!

I got this pattern from "The Little Box of Scarves" the pattern is called Chevron and Feather scarf by Melissa Mathay and Sheryl Theis. I love it! I am using some Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn" in one of their variegated stripes.Couldn't be more pleased with out it is working up.

Striped Noro Scarf.  My Wednesday Night Knitting Partner in Crime turned me onto this little scarf, and I just had to give it a try!  You can find the pattern here.

I like it! Especially with the black in it. I am using a k2, p2 ribbing, and it is working out great.

Before I go, I just wanted to share a few pictures I snapped last weekend.  I went to a horse farm, and yes, fell in love with the horses!

This is "Big"...and he is a sweetie. I was totally in awe of him. He is so big!!

and this is Sassy. Isn't she pretty?!!!

I'm outta here for now. Got that Sunday evening thing to do and mentally prepare myself for another Monday Morning!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I Love This Scarf
Originally uploaded by Buckster's Pics
Lately as I have been fiercely working on an order for two wraps (which I am getting close to finishing up), my mind is drifting to scarves and Christmas presents. I pulled this picture up for some inspiration. I knit this up using Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn Stripes. I'm thinking I need to do another as a Christmas gift.

Oh, if only I had more hours to my day! But how many of us do???

So, in the meantime I have pulled out more of this yarn in a different color and begun a chveron pattern knit scarfy! And I am liking it! So much that now I don't want to work on completing the last wrap I have been working on!


Not to worry, I am hoping that by this weekend I will finish up the wrap and send it on its way, and focus on some scarfy goodness!

For now, it's back to the grindstone!