Friday, May 29, 2009

Yay! Finally Done!

Diva Wrap

I finally finished! I have to admit I have a bit of burnout after getting this done! But I do like it. It is a bit difficult to photograph, so I promise...if we get some sunshine this weekend I will try and get some better photos posted! I do love this pattern. It is repetitive, but being able to change colors does it for me. I will probably make another come Fall, but for now I am cranking up that crochet hook!

Diva Wrap

I do like the texture and repetitive pattern.

For any of you that would like the pattern you can find it in this book. Just click the image to get the link!


Phoebe gave the wrap her seal of approval!

So, now that I am done I am focussing on my Babette Blanket. No pictures on it's progress yet, but there should be some this weekend!

I did find some time Saturday night while watching a movie to play with some scrap yarn. I have been wanting to do this for sometime.

Crocheted Jar

I simply pulled little scraps of yarn I had been saving and crocheted over top a mayo jar. (empty of course) I like it! I need to get some fresh flowers in it, maybe some Gerbra Daisies!

Before I go I just have to add a photo I took of Phoebe at the 2009 Weiner Roast held at Castle McCulloch. She was a bit overwhelmed with the whole can imagine, I have never seen so many dachshunds in one place!

My Phoebe

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Missing My Crochet Hook!

Sebrina's Blanket
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I wonder if I am like other crocheters and knitters, in that I must complete one thing before moving on to another. Occassionally I will have to put one project down for another, but it is not the norm. Right now I am stuck on a knit wrap I have been working on for what seems like months, but I am certain it has just been a few weeks. It is close to being done, but I just cannot quite get it there!

So right now I am dreaming about crochet! Missing my crochet hook, and itching to get back on my Babette Blanket!!! And as I look on flickr and see all that gorgeous crochet going on it makes it even more painful! So, since this is a long weekend I have a goal...finish up my Diva Wrap so I can move on!

I am posting a picture of some of my Babette squares to keep myself inspired to finish up with the wrap. Just look at those crocheted squares staring at me calling my name!

So, another story. As some of you may know, my back has not been good now for almost a year. Steroids, physical therapy, drugs, neurologists, epidural injections...on and on...have left me frustrated. So I am giving something new a try at the urging of some friends. Acupuncture. I had my first session last week, and was very pleasantly surprised at how well I felt the days following. I am going back tomorrow, and so glad, the pain is creeping back in and I am feeling tired and moving slow! I have no time for dealing with this! Wish me luck. I have heard nothing but good things about it. I realize it will take more that one session to get there, so I am trying to be patient with the whole process.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Let me start out by saying, I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! Even though I am not a "mother", I am a daughter which makes this day special for me. Check out the Mother's Day card I made for my mother!

Mother's Day Card

Is it not he cutest thing you have ever seen?! The flowers actually pull out of the pot so you can write your message on it.

Mother's Day Card!

I made one of these for Brad's mom as well. They both loved them! The next time I make this card and I going to put a magnet on the back so it can be put on the refrigerator.

I was remembering back to when I was a kid in school and we would make special presents for Mother's Day, and other holidays to take home to our parents. I remember making a pencil can in VBS using a can and contact paper...I thought it was the neatest thing ever! My mom still has a Christmas ornament I made in the first grade, and I remember every moment in making it. Well this Mother's Day I kind of felt that way. I worked all week long on these pot holders/hot pads for gifts this year.

Granny Square Hot Pad

Mother's Day Potholders

These are so much fun to make and look so neat. And they are reversible, too! Flip them over and check it out.


I was determined I would not go buy more yarn to work on these, and I didn't. Although I was jones'n to! I did start experimenting with squares and changing colors and came up with something quite "funky".

Granny Square Hot Pads

Pile O' Grannies

I loved it! I could use even smaller pieces of scrappies from my stash. I have a collection of tiny balls of yarn about the size of a super ball that I do not throw out...they get wound up and stored together so I can use them in some way! I actually used a solid granny and just randomly changed colors throughout the square. I believe I crocheted ten rounds to complete one hot pad. I couldn't be more pleased!

Darci & Phoebe

I had to include this little picture of Phoebe. She had a blast running with the kids at my mom's on Mother's Day. I tried to get a good action picture of her but just couldn't get a good one, but I thought this was cute. You can see her smiling!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Imagine

Just imagine your world without sight...without the ability to create...or without the sense of touch....

Where we are unable to hear...

A world with no friends or family...

My Pottery Buds!

I can't imagine!

Friday, May 1, 2009

I Love...


the color red,

the warm glow in my kitchen.....

the little photo of me and my sister when we were just babies,
these potholders I crocheted...

This Rooster my mom gave me for Christmas,

Making Granny Squares!!!

My sweet little Phoebe.
Happy Friday to everyone!