Friday, May 29, 2009

Yay! Finally Done!

Diva Wrap

I finally finished! I have to admit I have a bit of burnout after getting this done! But I do like it. It is a bit difficult to photograph, so I promise...if we get some sunshine this weekend I will try and get some better photos posted! I do love this pattern. It is repetitive, but being able to change colors does it for me. I will probably make another come Fall, but for now I am cranking up that crochet hook!

Diva Wrap

I do like the texture and repetitive pattern.

For any of you that would like the pattern you can find it in this book. Just click the image to get the link!


Phoebe gave the wrap her seal of approval!

So, now that I am done I am focussing on my Babette Blanket. No pictures on it's progress yet, but there should be some this weekend!

I did find some time Saturday night while watching a movie to play with some scrap yarn. I have been wanting to do this for sometime.

Crocheted Jar

I simply pulled little scraps of yarn I had been saving and crocheted over top a mayo jar. (empty of course) I like it! I need to get some fresh flowers in it, maybe some Gerbra Daisies!

Before I go I just have to add a photo I took of Phoebe at the 2009 Weiner Roast held at Castle McCulloch. She was a bit overwhelmed with the whole can imagine, I have never seen so many dachshunds in one place!

My Phoebe


Just Be Happy said...

Dawn, the wrap looks gorgeous!
Love the vase cozy, beautiful colors!!
Phoebe, well... absolutely cute!

Insensata! by Laura Sners said...

That vase is funky! I love it! Love the scarf too big and cozy!
and Phoebe is sooo cute!

Devon said...

I love the scarf it turned out beautiful...and I knew it would'nt take you long to pick back up your crochet hook,,,also Phoebe is a little cutie...have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your finished scarf. Like your color choices as well, the red sort of gives the scarf a vibrant character of it's own. I would have never thought to add red to those color choices. But it really is becoming. Good job.

Crochet Goddess said...

I love the scarf. Great colors. I have that pattern book. I want to try the scarf as my next project.

Crochet Goddess said...

Hi, I have a question about this pattern. This weekend I was reading over the pattern because I think this maybe the pattern that I want to use to knit a scarf for my daughter. I understand the pattern stitch, and the first 4 color changes. What I don't understand is the color change back to A. It is the change with the * the I see direction that state from * once more ( 12 stripes total) does this just mean before I change colors again I work row 1-18 all over again then change back to the next color? I plan to use only 2 colors for my daughter's scarf. Please help.

Dawn Sparks said...

Crochet Goddess, if I recall correctly, you knit rows 1 through 9, then you repeat rows 1 through 9 again. At that point you will have a total of 18 rows. Each band of color consists of a total of 18 rows. It took me a little bit of time to get my rythem going on this pattern, but once I did I didn't need the book. I did you a row counter though to keep from getting confused about which row I was on.

So to clarify you will work one band of color (which will be a total of 18 rows), then a band in your other color (which will be 18 rows).

I hope this helps. Let me know!!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you for the inspiration for the colors of this shawl.

In fact I'm hoping later on to visit someone who just had a baby. I made the afghan inspired by your shawls colors.

Thanks for the idea and I can see myself using these color combinations more in the future!

Thanks again!