Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Bye 2010!

I am so looking forward to a new year and a new start!  My brain is full of new ideas and a want-to-do list a mile long! 
Happy New Year Everyone!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Rooster Love!

Hello everyone!  I wanted to squeeze in a little more Rooster Love before Monday morning once again approaches and time becomes scarce!  So many have already been asking for a pattern.  Well, I have one in draft form.  It will probably be a few more days before I get it into final form. 

As you can see I have been busy crocheting roosters!  Everyone who sees them is wanting one, so I am trying to get this brood done for some Christmas presents.

Looks like a LONG Monday ahead for me, Tuesday night knitting group, and before you know it Christmas Eve will be here!  Wow, I'm so unprepared this year and have tons of last minute things to do before Friday, so if I don't get a chance to say so before Friday, I hope you all....

Have a wonderful Christmas, filled with lots of love and family and friends!

God Bless, Dawn

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rooster Love

The past week I have been itching to crochet up some ornaments.  Rooster ornaments!  This idea has been swishing around in my head for quite some time, and all it took was a night of insomnia to get me to actually get the hook and yarn out and make it happen. 
Are these cute or what!!  I have to admit, working on these and fine tuning my idea has given me some extra hooky giddiness!  It has been so much fun working these up in different color combinations. 
These two have already found a new home on my mom & dad's tree.  I have made more, and hopefully tomorrow we will get some sunshine so I can get some decent pictures of the others to share.  And there will definitely be a pattern coming, but that will probably be after Christmas.

My crochet hook has not cooled down this week.  Scarves were made for my knitting girls this week!  More ruffle scarves!  I was so happy they liked them!  They affectionately call me "the hookah" because I am the only one in the group that crochets.  This year I wanted to crochet something for each of them.

I have also finished another ruffle scarf for a good friend.  I am not sure about it though.  I personally, wouldn't hesitate to wear it...but I am a bit anxious about whether she will like it or not. 
I am calling this a "boa" because it is so full.  I did the alternate on the pattern where you only chained 90 and worked the pattern, then worked the pattern again on the same chain to make it full. 

Me, well I would have no problem wearing it.  But you can see it is very full.  I think it would be very pretty worn over a black turtle neck and some jeans and boots.  I am just worried she won't like it.  I am still thinking about doing another one without the extra ruffle.
I am totally digging this "Gelato" colored variegated yarn (Hobby Lobby, I Love This Yarn).  I think the orange and burgundy with it are the perfect combo.  The pom-poms are just plain fun! 

7 days til Christmas...I better get busy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ruffles and Puppy Dogs!

Hey everyone, I am back, and yes, with another ruffle scarf...but I just can't help it!!  I am working on Christmas gifts, and I think these will be perfect for a couple gals I have on my list!
Let me start off by showing you more ruffles.  You know me...I had to give it a go in some Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn".  And it really works!
I have a special friend in mind for this scarf and think it will look gor-ge-ous on her!  Don't you just love all those colors?
Here is a ruffle close up, giving you a chance to see all the colors.  I have another yarn in mind for another one of these scarves, so I do hope I am not boring everyone.  I hope to be inspiring!
Here is a picture I snapped of Phoebe looking very sweet, and a little blurry!  Everyday this little creature gets more loving...I cannot imagine life without her!

It's been a long day here.  The Christmas Tree is up part way and I am in the mood to finish it up, so I am out of here.  I hope to bring you pictures of a finished tree adorned in some handmade ornaments!


Monday, December 6, 2010


Noro + Ruffles = :-)  This is now my most favorite scarf!  The pattern is from Lion Brand.  I am Jones'n to get my fingers on their new yarn "Wonderful", but haven't seen it in the stores yet.  But the Noro I had in my stash was just begging to be used for something like this!
Is it not gorgeous!!! 

This Scarf Makes Me Happy!
Yes, it makes me happy to wear it!  I have already gotten several compliments on it.  And these days, ANYTHING that makes me smile is a good thing.  I have a serious case of the Christmas Blahs.  Never have I been like this.  Normally the house is all decorated and Christmas projects are done, but not this year.  Here it is the 6th and the tree is still in it's box! 

I have already finished another, that I did in a super duper soft yarn.  Girlie Camos and a soft grey. 
And yes, this one makes me happy, too!  It is highly likely that this one will go under the Christmas tree.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Granny's Back!

I brushed off my crochet hook and finished this up this week.  It has been sitting in a corner taunting me for quite some time now.  So now, I have the crochet bug really bad!  But before I dive into another granny project I have a knit wrap to get done.

Today I managed to get some hours of sunlight during my lunch hour, so I snapped some pictures to share.  I must say, "I love this!"  Yarn and all!
I like the way I can make a little cowl collar when I wrap it this way.  I put a little single crochet edging around the entire granny.  Actually it's a chain 3, single crochet.

And the colors, well...they are my faves!  Warm fall colors!
Here's a little close up.  You can see the edging, and that blue band of color gives me a little skippy heart beat!

And the back!! 

I have had this yarn for quite some time, saving it for a half granny square wrap...and this one is all mine!  I used Pallet Fingering Weight Wool from Knit Picks. The colors it comes in are stunning...I would like a couple balls of each!

I could go on and on with more pictures...but I don't want over do it!  LOL.  I have more on my flickr page if interested.  Click and check them out.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Mine was great!  Lots of food and family.  I couldn't ask for more!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Curiosity Scarfisity!

Here I be doing my best to model my "curiosity scarf", named so because I was simply curious what these two variegated yarns would look like worked up together.  My assessment is...BAM!  Looks pretty freakin cool to me!  It's all in Hobby Lobby Stripes in two colors: (1) Hobby Lobby Stripes Seaspray Ombre & Seaspray, and (2) Hobby Lobby Stripes in #804 Surprise Stripes. Well, the combination proved me wrong…they compliment each other very well!

I am now beginning to think that there could be no wrong combination of colors put together!!

I apologize my scarf model was way too busy this weekend, so I had to model it and photograph it (not and easy task).  I hope to have more pictures soon!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Blue Stripes

Amidst the choas of everyday life in Sparksville right now, I have managed to squeeze out another scarf!  I couldn't be more pleased with how the striping turned out. 
Blue Stripes

As you can guess, here lately I am so obsessed with working with this variegated yarn...and I can't seem to step away from it.  I want to try every color combination I possibly can.  LOL! 
Blue Stripes

I had to make another Hobby Lobby run on Saturday.  And once I got in side I made a B-line straight for the yarn department.  LOL.  I had so much left over variegated yarn left over from one of my granny shawls, shown below, that needs to be used up.
Tropical Waves Half Granny Wrap
These colors are a little out of my comfort zone.  I prefer the warmer earthtones.  So, I looked, and thought to myself, why don't I find something that I think would NEVER go with this!  BRILLIANT!!!  So I grabbed a skein of gray, black and fushia variegated yarn...what next??


Just look!


I LIKE IT!  I was thinking that this experiment might turn out to be Butt Ugly, but in fact, it is really looking pretty!  I have a good twelve inches worked up, and hoping during this holiday week and a long weekend I can spend some time knitting on it and enjoying the colors!  Perhaps while watching some good Christmas movies!

I also want to share a crochet project I have had hiding in the corner, that is calling my name.  I pulled it out and did a couple rows on it as well. 
Granny Time!

Here's a little sneak peak for you...there will me more to come.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simple Arithmetic

Red Heart Kids


Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn" 
Tangello Stripe


Tutti-fruity Scarfutti!

these colors really compliment each other.

 k2,p2 ribbing makes it easy and quick to knit up!

I'm afraid I will be on this variegated yarn kick just a while longer.   And when I can use acrylic yarns from Hobby Lobby and they come out looking like this...well, it's pretty much a given!  I'm thinking these will make great Christmas presents.  And who doesn't love a hand knit scarf for Christmas?!

Now if time would just slow down for a bit that would be great.  I know there is no way I will get all want want done before Christmas gets here.  But I'm going to give it my best shot! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Technicolor Dream Scarf

Once again, I cannot put down the variegated yarn!  I just can't step away from it.
Can you see why???!!  I used two different skeins of variegated yarn and this is the effect I got from it.   This is such an easy and fun stitch.  A k2, p2 changing yarn every two rows.  I used one skein each of Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn" in Candy Corn Ombre, and Jazz Stripes. 
It makes a pretty striped scarf.  When Hubs saw it he said it was the Technicolor Dream Scarf.  I liked it!
I believe these will be Christmas presents for some of my favorite gals.
I have already begun another!  I also have another wrap to do and a little girl's scarf.  So things are quite busy.

Although I have been on vacation this week, it has been very busy!  My 30th class reunion was last night.  I had worked on it for the past nine months.  Stressed, planned, worried, anticipated...and it finally arrived.  Everyone had a great time.  I have mixed emotions...although I am glad it finally got here so I could quit stressing and worrying about it...I am also sad that it went by so quickly, there were so many people I wanted to catch up with and just didn't get the chance.
Here we are.  Class of 80.
I have to say a good looking group!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog Post on the Fly!

Good Lord things have been nuts!  It's been a crazy world in Sparksville this past week.  It seems to be calming down a little bit, which is great for both me and Mr. Sparks!

Firstly, SAFF was great.  The Girlz and I had a blast.  We all brought back preeties. Had some super carbage.  Enjoyed the beautiful Asheville color!  And had some good girl time sitting around in our room in the evening knitting.

Here is my knitting bud Annie, modelling some cute little finger puppets we found in a booth!  We both decided we need to make some of these!
My Girl Mel getting some Noro Knitting going!  Love this so much, that I had to'll see below!
Me & Annie resting our tootsies!  There was a lot of walking!!!
I snapped this in Downtown Asheville with my phone camera...the downtown was absolutely beautiful.

It was a whirlwind weekend, but so fun meeting old Ravelry friends and seeing all the yarn!

I did manage to finish up a couple scarves this past week, which I can't believe.

I couldn't be more pleased.  I love working this pattern.  And the self striping yarn really adds.  The yarn is from Hobby Lobby, their house brand, "I Love This Yarn".
This chevron pattern really makes a pretty ripple.  I have plans to make another one, but will be shaking it up a bit in my usual manner...that's all I'm going to say for now! :)
Another picture, just because!  LOL!
Check out my Noro Stripe!  Cute?  Once I saw Mel making one I wanted to do the same.  I added a solid black wool because I did not have two kinds of Noro in my stash.  I really like it!
I do believe I will give it a soak in some fabric softener to lessen the scratchiness of it.  I used a k2, p2 ribbing and switched yarn every two rows to create the stripe.  I have been thinking that all those left over variegated yarns I have stashed away may be just perfect for more of this!
Let me share with you this gorgeous hand spun hand dyed mohair I snagged at SAFF.  I saw a wrap there I loved made from mohair, but in a color that really wasn't me.  I picked up this mohair with that in mind.  Problem was I grabbed the brushed mohair.  It needed a fingering weight thread to go with it, so I paired it up with this garnet colored wool.
This is working up really fast.  I think once I get it to the width I want and bind off, I will cast on at each end and add a ruffle.  I can see it in my head, let's just hope it turns out that way!  LOL!

So, I'm off of here for now.  I hope to be back later this week with my wrap progress.  I also have a couple projects to get started on for a couple customers.  Another variegated wrap and a little girl's scarf.  If only I had more time! *sigh*