Monday, December 6, 2010


Noro + Ruffles = :-)  This is now my most favorite scarf!  The pattern is from Lion Brand.  I am Jones'n to get my fingers on their new yarn "Wonderful", but haven't seen it in the stores yet.  But the Noro I had in my stash was just begging to be used for something like this!
Is it not gorgeous!!! 

This Scarf Makes Me Happy!
Yes, it makes me happy to wear it!  I have already gotten several compliments on it.  And these days, ANYTHING that makes me smile is a good thing.  I have a serious case of the Christmas Blahs.  Never have I been like this.  Normally the house is all decorated and Christmas projects are done, but not this year.  Here it is the 6th and the tree is still in it's box! 

I have already finished another, that I did in a super duper soft yarn.  Girlie Camos and a soft grey. 
And yes, this one makes me happy, too!  It is highly likely that this one will go under the Christmas tree.


Tanna said...

Oh, I'm going to have to try that pattern!! LOVE both of them! Hope you catch the Christmas spirit soon!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Yes, it is gorgeous! I was just looking at that very pattern myself and wondering what yarn in my stash would be suitable. It would make a lovely gift for someone!


Devon said...

You are very bad,,I have been knitting scarfs for the last 2 weeks,,because of the beautiful ones you keep making,,and now you show me these beauties..whats a girl todo except try and make them,,and I am with you on the christmas blahss..I dont have my tree up either and it ususally goes up the weekend after thanksgiving..hang in there Dawn hoopefully the christmas spirit will find us soon,,,Merry Christmas..

Liz said... you sell much? I like the one in the first pic...

Unknown said...

Very pretty! I don't know which one I like better. :)

Don't worry about the Christmas blahs. Try to think of things that make you happy and let all the "tasks" go unfinished. I've decided, for instance, not to decorate this year and make less things this year to enjoy myself more. No guilt in that!

Unknown said...

Magnificant as always. I want to thank you for all the fun inspiration you have brought us this year.

Off to check out this new L.B. yarn.....yipee..

Just Be Happy said...

Oh I love it!
I HAVE to buy some Noro, HAVE to!

pren said...

i followed your link from lion brand on FB and this project is GORGEOUS! well done!

Mindy said...

I really like it with the fuzzy yarn! I've not tried this pattern with anything other than I Love This Yarn, but I like how yours turned out! It's time I branch out... ;-)

Found you from the link at Paula's blog.