Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rooster Love

The past week I have been itching to crochet up some ornaments.  Rooster ornaments!  This idea has been swishing around in my head for quite some time, and all it took was a night of insomnia to get me to actually get the hook and yarn out and make it happen. 
Are these cute or what!!  I have to admit, working on these and fine tuning my idea has given me some extra hooky giddiness!  It has been so much fun working these up in different color combinations. 
These two have already found a new home on my mom & dad's tree.  I have made more, and hopefully tomorrow we will get some sunshine so I can get some decent pictures of the others to share.  And there will definitely be a pattern coming, but that will probably be after Christmas.

My crochet hook has not cooled down this week.  Scarves were made for my knitting girls this week!  More ruffle scarves!  I was so happy they liked them!  They affectionately call me "the hookah" because I am the only one in the group that crochets.  This year I wanted to crochet something for each of them.

I have also finished another ruffle scarf for a good friend.  I am not sure about it though.  I personally, wouldn't hesitate to wear it...but I am a bit anxious about whether she will like it or not. 
I am calling this a "boa" because it is so full.  I did the alternate on the pattern where you only chained 90 and worked the pattern, then worked the pattern again on the same chain to make it full. 

Me, well I would have no problem wearing it.  But you can see it is very full.  I think it would be very pretty worn over a black turtle neck and some jeans and boots.  I am just worried she won't like it.  I am still thinking about doing another one without the extra ruffle.
I am totally digging this "Gelato" colored variegated yarn (Hobby Lobby, I Love This Yarn).  I think the orange and burgundy with it are the perfect combo.  The pom-poms are just plain fun! 

7 days til Christmas...I better get busy!


"Never Knew" said...

I love how "full" your "boa" is! I think it's great - she'll love it for sure.
Caz :)

Esther Asbury said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those chickens/roosters you crochet! So CUTE!
Love your ruffle scarves too!

S. Chaffee said...

I can't wait for the rooster pattern to come out! My mom would totally LOVE those! They are very cute :)

paula said...

I am SO GLAD Pammy Sue, from Scotty's Place, posted your roosters. I shall return to my blog and add you to my list of blogs to follow.

I have a certain friend who is a rooster addict and your roosters would be the perfect Christmas gift for her next year.

I have this strange plan to cross stitch or crochet items for Christmas cards . . and this would be one of the 1st I will make after the New year starts.

Thanks again and can't wait to look at your previous postings.

deebriese said...

Hello Dawn! Glad to meet you! I found your blog through Pammy Sue! We have a lot in common...I see you collect Longaberger as do I! I am approaching the big 50 and I also knit and crochet...I have been making many ruffled scarves...Love yours! Dont understand the chain 90 or chain 177 am I finishing the scarf on the back side of the same chain of 90? seems awful short...I dont know why these directions baffel me! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Very cute roosters, Dawn! I'll definitely keep an eye out for your pattern. My grandma loves roosters and this would be perfect gift for her next year. :)