Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stripey Scrappiness

Hey there all my bloggy buddies! My past weekend at SAFF has left me completely excited about all that I saw, and all that I brought home!! I am sure you all checked out my treasure chest of yarny goodness that I last posted!!

I have been busy the past couple of evenings working on a scrappy scarf. Just garter stitch with a lot of changing of colors. So far I am liking it a lot!! There is just a lot of ends to be woven in!! But I must admit I don't mind that at all...I love to see the little clump of pieces of yarn that I clip off. Why this makes me happy, I don't know, but it does. And mixing colors that you would never think would go together is exciting. For some reason it works! It's all fibery and textury! I will have more to come on this coming soon. It is close to being done!

I thought it would be fun to share some more yarni-yumminess on this posting! Unfortunately, I didn't get to take many pictures at SAFF, I was too busy trying to juggle my purse and my yarn purchases. LOL!! But I did get a couple pictures in.

Just look at that fiber!! I did end up bringing two large skeins of this lady's yarn home with me. She dyes it and spins it herself! At 72 years of age and creating this gorgeous wool!! My God! I hope to be that cool when I grow up! She was also selling hats that she makes from her wool. She said she had no pattern, she just did them! My kinda lady. Check em out!All that texture just makes me want to drool!!! I believe the name of her shop is Crazy Daisy (I think Daisy was actually a dog she had) Her name was actually Polly.

I met so many fellow Raveler's at SAFF! Everyone that I met was so nice, I instantly loved could you not...we all had the same thing in common. An addiction for yarn!

During my ride home from SAFF I was able to finish up my crocheted ripple scarf. This is the one that I used sock yarn in. And I am so pleased with how it turned out. This is one of those patterns that I will keep in my library and use several times!

I love crocheting with sock yarn. It's so soft!

Here is a little scarf I crocheted up from a big hank of novelty yarn I bought at SAFF. It was a mixture of all kinds of fibers, ribbons, wool, fuzzy stuff, and glitzy stuff. As I was winding it I was thinking that I could make some of this out of my own stash!!! Just another idea to file in the idea library!

The North Carolina Mountains were gorgeous with that vibrant fall color and that crisp cool air! Loved every bit of it. And even though I would love to still be in the mountains, the color here at home is just as pretty! Let me share!!!

And these are just some shots around our yard! I do love me some Fall!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My SAFF Booty

Just a little peek into some of the goodies I brought back from SAFF! As you can see my treasure chest is overflowing with all thoe hand dyed yarns! SAFF was so much fun with my girlfriends. We did manage to get in some time goofing off and acting silly!

I arranged my treasures in this antique chest nestled with a couple of vintage is so pretty, I love to walk by and look at it! The scarf you see there on the right is one I have already crocheted up with my yummy ribbony mixed fiber content called Fantasia that I purchased from Carriage House Woolens. There website is

There will be more to come later!

I am already excited about going next year. I have already begun to save money to take with me!

There was so much to see there. I was in heaven!

I will bring you more later, but just wanted to share this with my bloggy buds!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Anyone Up For A Scrappy Challenge?

Here is some wise use of those odd bits of yarn that you just cannot bring yourself to throw away! Just the thought of throwing away little scraps of leftover yarn makes me cringe! I wind up those little bits into balls and store them in a basket.

Just look at what you can get with those scraps! Yes, I know, another scarf. Can't help it...what can I say...I LOVE scarves. They are like little works of art!! The fun thing is that I can look at each yarn and remember what it is leftover from!! Kind of like scrap quilts our grandmothers used to make with leftover fabric and recycled clothing.

Is anyone up for a scrappy challenge?? If you're game, here's what you do.

Use your scraps in a scarf. It can be knit or crochet. The catch, you cannot use the same yarn in the scarf twice. When you finish, send me a picture with a little description of your scarf. Email it to me at I will feature each scarf on my blog with a link to your blog!

Now we need to set a time it's due by. How about November 15th?

I thought this would be a great way to get some inspiration for all of use up those scraps!

Now, I am out of here for the weekend. I am going to Asheville with some knitting buddies to go to SAFF! The Southern Animal Fiber Fair. I cannot wait to check out all that handspun, hand dyed yarn! And add some of your girlfriends in the mix, it's even better!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yummy Yellow Shoulder Warmer!

Just look at this little shoulder warmer!

I am not sure if other crocheters/knitters do this, but I have this thing where I get an idea in my head and I can't stop obsessing about it until I work it up. This is one of those ideas. And even now that I have finished it up, I am thinking of another version of this.

This yarn is some I have had for quite some time, just waiting for me to pick it up and do something with.

Don't you just love the back??!!!

And the little bell sleeve.

I mixed some crochet and some knitting together. It is basically a rectangle of double crochet. I worked the double crochet in the round for the sleeves and the back I left open. So there was no seaming!!! After I finished that it looked like a tube with an open space...I then cast on with a circular knitting needle and did a ribbing of knit 3, purl three and did that for about three inches, and also the same on the sleeves for about an inch...the woi-lah!!! It is done!!!

And I must say it is a nice little shoulder warmer. I have it on as I am typing. It's a great way to keep wearing those little tank tops all year long!

I also finished up a scarf that has been sitting in my yarn basket waiting on me to finish it up. Love this Lion Brand Yarn!!!

It worked up to be the perfect neck warmer. I used this chunky yarn and large knitting needles! Fun mindless knitting that give instant gratification.That's about it for now. I have my crochet hook calling me for an idea for a scrappy scarf! It's so nice to be feeling like this...because I have been down with what the doctor said is a "mild case of the flu". OMG! You talk about feeling rotten. I felt like death on a cracker! Five days of it...finally today I feel normal again!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finished Noro Scarf

So, what do you think?

Doesn't that color just take you away! I get lost in it. I am sure other crocheters experience this as well, but I get so absorbed in the color and texture. Crochet a row, stop, run your fingers over the yarn, do another row. I many times wonder if what I see is what everyone else sees!

I have to say, the price of Noro is hard on the pocket book, but is so worth the outcome! It is not everyday I allow myself this luxury. While surfing through Ravelry I ran across this pattern and it was done in Noro. It blew me away! My pattern called for one skein, but I like my scarves long...I used two skeins and I would recommend two.

It was so nice to spend most of my Sunday afternoon crocheting the final stitches. The ripple pattern is so repetitive that you can easily follow a movie and not mess up.

Let me share some more pictures of this lovely!

Draped over the arm of a chair...just waiting for that first chill of Fall to get here.

Of course I had to model it for you!!! I apologize for the fatigue on my face. My back has literally worn me out. On top of the craft show this weekend. But I am not too tired to snap some pictures to share. I have one more to show....

Yup, me and Phoebie! She wanted in my lap when I was trying to snap a picture.

So now it's that time on Sunday evening when reality sets in that I have to get up and go to work in the morning. Weekend hours are so precious...I can never seem to do all I want to get done in them.

This morning I was watching a recorded episode of Uncommon Threads, and it just so happened to be an episode on crocheting. OMG! They were making shrugs. It instantly had me digging through my stash in my head. I am in the mood for some of that action!!!

Oh...and before I forget. Here is a little scarf that is on my list. It's called Gulp. I found it on Ravely.

The talent on Ravelry is unbelievable...I am so "hooked" on it! LOL!! I have some yarn in my stash I think will workup so pretty in this pattern.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Granny, I miss you!

As I popped over to Attic24's blog, I started missing my good old granny square projects. I have been so busy preparing for this craft show, (which is tomorrow, yippee), that I have ignored everything else!

My back has been so bad lately, and with the help of a new found chiropractor I am hoping for some remedy! And now as I feel so tired and achy, and missing my crochet hook, and longing for my comfy chair with my feet up...I am dreaming about yarn and starting that first square.

So just be soon as I finish up my noro scarf and sock yarn scarf, IT'S ON! :-D

Wish me luck tomorrow!!! I hope my cards do well!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Little Crochet

I have managed to find a little time here and there to work on a ripple scarf, believe it or not. I actually started this one to keep my fingers busy while I tracked down another skein of Noro, which you can see lurking there in the background. Good news, I found a skein today online, so I ordered, and it's on its way to my doorstep!

I do love this little pattern. It gives me that mindless crochet I can do in the morning when I get up, or in the evening when I am kinda tired. Although I love this pattern, I have really been jonesing for a granny square...I think I see that next after I finish these two scarves up.

This week is about gone, and I only have one more week to get ready for the craft fair. I have been making cards every evening when I get home from work.

I will share a couple more cards with you, and then I am done for the night!