Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Granny Square Tote Bag

Newest Granny Square Bag
I have my squares done and I am starting the assembly of my new tote bag. I would say this is the favorite step for me, I love stitching my squares together. Most don't like this part, but not me, it instantly transforms the squares. Did I say this bag is for myself? Yup, it's all mine! I have wanted an oversized tote to drag my projects around in with room for a couple of books possibly a snack, and whatever else I can fit in it!

I am lovin the colors. Half the fun is the designing as I go. I've never been one to draw things out although I do have a good picture in my brain of what I am wanting.
Sunday evening I got all my grannies stitched together, then cast on with some black yarn for the bottom of the bag. This step is simply knitting a seed stitch on circular needles.
Work in Progress
Work in Progress
I will probably continue this until I get it about 4 to 5 inches wide then bind it off and begin the bottom of the bag. I want the bottom to be flat and very sturdy! I plan on using this baby!!
It's only maybe by the weekend I will get to finish this up! The seed stitch bores me a bit, so I am a bit slow with this part.

Meanwhile, here is some crochet inspiration I wanted to post for future use!

I thought this was so pretty! It looks like it is done in about five different's very impressive! The square looks fairly simple, but I bet it eats up some yarn.

Pretty...pretty...pretty. The colors in this are gorgeous.

Now this is just plain yummy! It's full of color and looks so soft.

Monday, October 20, 2008


This past week I found myself feeling strange after finishing up my afghan! I do not do well on idle, so I dived into my yarn stash and started making granny squares. These are truly an addiction, and any of you who have learned how to crochet one and put together a scarf, blanket or anything with them will understand what I mean by addiction. Flickr alone has many groups dedicated to the granny square. I find them fascinating! They can be manipulated into just about anything from clothing, to linens, to blankets...the list is endless as well as the colors!

Well, I picked up my crochet hook, and by the end of the week I had finished up three scarves! Each one individual and one of a kind, showing off their granny squareness!

Check'em out!!
Granny Square Scarf
This one reminds me of a Granny Smith Apple with its bright green and red colors!

Granny Square Scarf Detail
I used some great homespun yarn in this one. The green homespun has "fuzzies" in it which almost look like wooly worms.

Browns & Reds Granny Square Scarf
This one reminds me of milk chocolate. I used two tones of brown with it and popped it up with red and hot pink.

These have gone straight into my etsy shop! I noticed a lot of granny square scarves listed on etsy lately so I am not sure how well they will do...but I love them, and maybe someone out there will love them and want them as much as I do! (I did make myself a granny square scarf, too!)

Sunday afternoon, I found myself staring again at a basket of leftovers from my last afghan. I love these colors so much, and have been "jonesing" to make something with those traditional squares edged in black... you know, the ones like our grandmas used to make!? So, I grabbed a couple skeins of black I had tucked away and commenced to putting colors together! The addiction continues!
JUST LOOK AT THOSE COLORS! I have an idea for a new bag in my head, and these have inspired the creative process has begun! I will post more photos as I work on this as I did with the diaper bag!

Here's hoping for a good productive week, with a little time to squeeze in some more of these little squares!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


My new granny square scarf.
Now these are my kinda leftovers! Believe it or not, I crocheted up this little scarf in one evening! Friday evening we put a movie in the dvd player, and I decided I would like to do some granny squares while watching a movie. (Honestly, if I don't have something to work on while watching t.v. I'll fall asleep!) This is some yarn I had leftover from my latest wrap/scarf that was calling to me! I crocheted my squares together as I went along, which I normally don't do. It turned out so cute - and it's all mine! I plan on wearing this one this fall and winter. I do have a couple more in the works for my etsy shop.
WIP - Granny Square ScarfWIP - Granny Square Scarf
These are both going to be really cute when I get them finished up. My goal is to get them done this week. I have been on such a crochet kick lately. And this weekend I got so much done! These two scarves were started...a finished scarf on Friday night, and I also picked up the Lambs Pride I have been holding and started experimenting with it.

I love the colors in this Lambs Pride. They are so vibrant. I was thinking of a little blanket for one of my nieces, but this has too much wool in it, it's just not baby friendly. They do look very girlie though!

Playing with Yarn!!
So at this point, I am not sure where I am going with these. I have asked some of my flickr buddies for suggestions, so we'll see! They are so full of creative ideas...I love my flickr friends!

Okay, the weekend wouldn't be complete without getting Phoebe into the act, and since I had the camera out, and the light on the covered porch was perfect, I took advantage. I rarely get a bad picture of her. I posed her on my afghan...she looks so pretty! She has to indulge me since Brad won't let me take his picture and there are no kids in the house.

Phoebe on the Afghan
Phoebe on the Afghan
Just look at that face! I suppose those that don't have children can understand how I spoil this little creature. She has brought so much life into the house.

Sunday evening is here, and I'm starting to think about work, and the week ahead. I hope it will be a good week. My low carbing is doing very well and I am in the zone! It takes a while to get your body there. I've been on it about three weeks now. I haven't actually stepped on the scale to check my progress. I do better if I don't. I can gauge my success perfectly from a pair of jeans I have in the closet!!! I'm getting there!
Week 3, Low Carbing
You see that chocolate candy in the background of Brad's? It isn't even tempting me!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Finally Done!
Finally!! I got her done this weekend. Just finished up weaving in the ends before I snapped this picture! I love it!!!! It's a nice size, about 5x5, very soft, and a great weight. Perfect to snuggle up under on those cold days. I used Red Heart Soft, twelve colors I believe and the edging is simply four rows of half double crochet.

As those who know me, I am so addicted to granny squares. I don't know why, but I love the way they look when I get them sewn together. I knew when I started this blanket I did not want each square to be alike...I wanted my afghan to have a folk art feel to it...and I think it does! This will be one of my treasures!
She's Done!!Granny Square Close Up
Here it is laid out flat. It definitely has a folk art look to it. I couldn't be more pleased with it. Of course, it looks so much better in real life.

Now that this is done, I hear Babette is calling to me! It needs to be finished.

I managed to squeeze in some time to get another wrap knit up for my etsy shop. I am a little attached to this one. It's so soft and I love the red and brown colors together. I made it nice and long so it can be used as a scarf as well.
Shades of Red and Brown
I think I like it best worn as a wrap. But it's hard to decide. I used a variety of yarns in different textures size 10 circular and a simple garter stitch and accent rows of cream with a button whole gives it yummy texture. I decided that it needed no fringe on the ends. You can see how many ways it can be worn!
Brown and Red WrapShades of Red and Brown

Well, gotta go...IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!! :-)