Monday, October 20, 2008


This past week I found myself feeling strange after finishing up my afghan! I do not do well on idle, so I dived into my yarn stash and started making granny squares. These are truly an addiction, and any of you who have learned how to crochet one and put together a scarf, blanket or anything with them will understand what I mean by addiction. Flickr alone has many groups dedicated to the granny square. I find them fascinating! They can be manipulated into just about anything from clothing, to linens, to blankets...the list is endless as well as the colors!

Well, I picked up my crochet hook, and by the end of the week I had finished up three scarves! Each one individual and one of a kind, showing off their granny squareness!

Check'em out!!
Granny Square Scarf
This one reminds me of a Granny Smith Apple with its bright green and red colors!

Granny Square Scarf Detail
I used some great homespun yarn in this one. The green homespun has "fuzzies" in it which almost look like wooly worms.

Browns & Reds Granny Square Scarf
This one reminds me of milk chocolate. I used two tones of brown with it and popped it up with red and hot pink.

These have gone straight into my etsy shop! I noticed a lot of granny square scarves listed on etsy lately so I am not sure how well they will do...but I love them, and maybe someone out there will love them and want them as much as I do! (I did make myself a granny square scarf, too!)

Sunday afternoon, I found myself staring again at a basket of leftovers from my last afghan. I love these colors so much, and have been "jonesing" to make something with those traditional squares edged in black... you know, the ones like our grandmas used to make!? So, I grabbed a couple skeins of black I had tucked away and commenced to putting colors together! The addiction continues!
JUST LOOK AT THOSE COLORS! I have an idea for a new bag in my head, and these have inspired the creative process has begun! I will post more photos as I work on this as I did with the diaper bag!

Here's hoping for a good productive week, with a little time to squeeze in some more of these little squares!

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Crochet Goddess said...

Beautiful scarves in wonderful colors. I love your blog and your dog is so cute.