Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shirret Rug ~ DONE!

It is so imperfect, and "homemade" that I LOVE it!!  The red corners and the multi-striped borders really make the whole thing for me.
And Phoebe gives it her seal of approval, too!  Would I make another one of these?  You bettcha, I would!  I learned so much in working this rug.  Techniques on counting rows, and joining squares.  Being a complete "granny square" addict...I can easily see the same possibilities of shirret-ing up squares and joining them together!!!

Don't get me wrong...I love the oval rugs, but I really love "making" the square ones.  The wool is so full of color.  I actually gravitate towards the wool skirts and jackets now every visit I make to the Goodwill or thrift stores!  I am on a mission for some orange.  I think I would like to begin another in the fall colors.

More Pics!

I thought y'all would like a little history surrounding these rugs.  They are actually a handed down tradition in my family, starting with my great great grandfather.

My Great Great Grandfather Percy Johnson
holding my aunt, next to him his mother,
Nellie Parent Johnson (b. 1869),
next to her my grand father
Raymond Johnson

My great great grandfather had turboculosis and was in a turboculosis sanitorium.  There they gave the patients crafts to occupy their time while they recuperated.  This is where he learned making rugs.  He handed the craft down to his wife, Jessie Green Johnson, who would be by Great Grandmother.

My father on left, next to him Jessie Green Johnson, 
my grand father Raymond Johnson
In the chair is my Great Great Great Grandfather Frank Green
who is holding me!

My mom tells me that Grandma Jessie had a rug partially finished when she died, which my grandma had saved.  It was in a box along with her hook and instructions, she gave it to my mom and told her, "this needs to be finished".  And the rest is history!  My mom, the master shirret rug maker, taught me!

I only hope I can hand it down to one of my nieces or nephews along with this story!

Family Traditions are so important!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Shirret Rug Progress

Well...I'm on my last side, and then a couple rounds the entire rug and I'll be done.  And I'm love'n it!!  I think the red squares in each corner of the rug is like the icing on the cake.  It just makes it.  The next time you see my rug, it will be complete!  I'm hoping this weekend!

A trip to Goodwill last week landed me more red wool, just enough to finish this up.  Thrift stores are the ideal places to look for wool.  $3.75 bought me a long red wool skirt!  I stick to the 100% wool, the color and feel work best for these rugs.

I'm out for now, going to put a few more rows in before I hit the hey.

Here's a picture of me and Phoebe, and her new friend, Rusty, at the Weenie Roast on Saturday.  Too much fun!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Voila! Red & Black Hexi-gan Finished!

Can you believe it!  I finished...and I LOVE it!!  I put a simple reverse crochet around the edging.  It was all it needed.  Would I do another Hexagon Afghan?  You bet your boots I would!  In fact, I am thinking come this fall I will begin another in the warm fall colors that I so love!
Right now, the blanket has a temporary home on the little whicker love seat with my favorite rooster pillow resting on it.  But this is just a temporary home, because this blanket will be gifted!!  I can say no more, only that I will elaborate on this later.  I will however say, I will miss it!!!  But I can always make another afghan!!

NOW...after almost a year in hibernation, my rug has come out of hiding!!!  And oh boy...I can't put the darn thing down.  I have given it a name..."Buckster's Scrap-Happy Stripe-ity Shirret Rug". 
So...what do you think?  I am really feeling the striped border.  I plan on doing this on all four sides, which a solid square of color at each corner, followed by a couple rows of black bordering the entire rug.  As obsessed as I am about it, it shouldn't be too long before it is completed.  I am on a mission for more red wook and some yellow, too.  Looks like I will be combing the racks at the Goodwill and the Thrift store!
Working with the squares versus the oval rugs I have done, has really been a learning experience.  And it has opened up a whole new world for rug designs.  I think it really has a "folk-artsy" look to it. 

Have any of y'all heard of "roku"?  Well, it's about the coolest thing I have seen in a long time.  This little box lets us stream Netflix, facebook, and flicker (to name a few) through our high definition television!  I was blown away when I got to see my flickr photos in high definition!!! 

Well, I'm off.  Going to work on my rug and mentally prepare myself for a busy week!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unfinished Business

Yay....Last night I finished my Red & White Hexi-blanket!  Pictures will be forth coming for the final reveal!! 

Now with that done, I have plenty of unfinished business I can concentrate on.
Making the unfinished list is my shirret rug.  I had forgotten how much I have actually done on this!  It is just needing a border, and I am still trying to decide exactly how I want that to look.  I think it needs some black in it for some contrast.  More to come on this little project!

This little puppy has been sitting on the back burner for quite some time, why?...I have no idea!  It is going to be a totally 70s retro looking scarf.  Working it up in some Palette wool.  This photo doesn't lie is this bright!

Want to do list:

I am totally jonesing to start this afghan.  My nephew has asked for an afghan, and I think it would be perfect for him.  I have been studying all the different log cabins out there, knit and crochet, and there is not a one of them that I don't like.  Do not be surprised if you see a square popping up here on my blog soon!

I am out for now.  I will be back in a couple days with some pictures of the Red & Black for all to see!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Flickr Find

Vintage Japanese Photo - Nihongami Old Japan Hair Style by softypapa
Vintage Japanese Photo - Nihongami Old Japan Hair Style, a photo by softypapa on Flickr.

I am changing my "Freaky Fridays" to "Friday Flickr Find" simply because I want to include the pretty stuff.  I cannot stop looking at this photo!  I have always loved anything Japanese.  If you have time checkout sofypapa's photostream.  It is loaded with some great pictures. 

I am continuing progress on my hexi-blankie and more pictures will be coming this weekend.  TGIF Everyone!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hexi-Blanket Progression

What a week!  I don't think time can go by any faster, and especially the weekend.  Seems like you turn around and it's Sunday evening.

I have made some progression on my hexi-blanket.  Actually it is getting close to finished size believe it or not!
Miss Phoebe loves Sundays out on the porch.  I relax just looking at her.  I was taking pictures of the hexi, and she came and posed right in front of me, which is rare.
I have a little pile of finished hexis waiting on me to attach.  I think I will add to them before I do.  All the items on my to do list are finished, so I think it's time to sit back with my hook and crochet some more hexi-grannies.  Before you know it Monday will be here!

Lastly, I must share a little pic of Phoebe...we enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding so much together.  I couldn't help myself!!  Doesn't she look like a little fashion plate!  I have been calling her, "Lady Phoebe of Burguss Court"!