Friday, June 29, 2018

I finished up my Santa cross stitch this weekend!  Yay!!  I have some little quickie projects I want to get started on.  So this is a good feeling of accomplishment.   My next step is to come up with a creative idea to finish him up in.   I am sure Pinterest will help me out with that!  

I have been doing some reflecting this week.   Actually, it has been quite a week.   Work has been full of challenges.   My diet has been doing very well, but not without those temptations!!!  So I have learned some things this week and thought I share!

1.  Friends matter.   They are like family.  When they are hurting, you are hurting.
2.  You have to take care of yourself, mentally and physically.  They both work  together.  It’s important.   I have been doing a Keto diet.  So far 15 pounds.   I am still discovering those foods that give me energy, and those that I should stay away from.   I find that the better I feel physically the better I fell mentally.
3.  God is always there.   (In fact I should list this as the first item).  He is right with us all experiencing the ups and the downs with us.   He is there, and we shouldn’t ignore him.
4.  Some people are just mean and insensitive.  They can unknowingly say things that can hurt to your gut.  They rarely change.  I pray for them.
5.  It is good to let those important to you that you love them.   You don’t always have to use words to do that.   A simple kindness and a look can made a stronger impact on someone.
6.  Quiet time is essential.  Put away the phone and other distractions and try get 30 minutes alone with your thoughts.
7.  Read  a bible verse every day.  I do need to work on this.  But I find if I read a verse, I usually read a full chapter, and most times there is a lessons in it for me.
8.  God hears our tears.   Tears are pure and honest.  Groaning of the heart.  
9.  I try not to cus.  Sometimes something slips through...then I feel bad about it.
10.  Guard your soul.  

Of course some of these I have learned before this week.  But I was reminded of all of these over the past few days.   

I am thankful the weekend is here.   I hope to spend some time with my folks.   Mom is doing ok.  She still has not gone back onto her treatment until all her gastric problems have cleared up.  She can use prayers!!!  

I am back on my crochet project now, so an update with plenty of pictures should be on the way!!!!  

I will close with a picture of Phoebe going night night the other evening.   

Doesn’t that look cozy!!!!!!


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father’s Day

I hope everyone was able to enjoy time with family today!  I am fortunate to have both my parents with me.  At the ages of 80 they are going strong and enjoying life with their family.   

My sister and I worked to get things ready for a cookout.  She picked me up so I would not destroy the masterpiece Oreo cookie desert I had prepared.   So we were able to score from prime stitching time this afternoon!

I was able to begin the beading on my Santa.   It would be nice to get this guy done this week.   He has sat idle too long.   I love how the beads make the whole thing pop.  Purple beads are next in line.   I think they will be pretty, too.

All and all it has been a nice weekend.   I was able to putter around the house, give the dog a bath, and get some groceries.   I enjoy a nice quiet Sunday evening.  Monday morning comes so quick!!!  

 I am wishing everyone a great week!  

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Let’s see if this works!

I am testing out an app to help me with keeping my blog up to date.    So far so good! I am hoping it will make it easier for me to post.   

I wanted to share my latest crochet project, which is going very slow!!

It’s a c2c done in panels in true crazy insane style with all the yarn changing and the ends to weave in.    But I am loving the look!

For those of you that have emailed me asking where I have been, thank you!!  Just busy managing life.   Full time job and mom going through cancer treatment has taken most of my attention!

God Bless Everyone