Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father’s Day

I hope everyone was able to enjoy time with family today!  I am fortunate to have both my parents with me.  At the ages of 80 they are going strong and enjoying life with their family.   

My sister and I worked to get things ready for a cookout.  She picked me up so I would not destroy the masterpiece Oreo cookie desert I had prepared.   So we were able to score from prime stitching time this afternoon!

I was able to begin the beading on my Santa.   It would be nice to get this guy done this week.   He has sat idle too long.   I love how the beads make the whole thing pop.  Purple beads are next in line.   I think they will be pretty, too.

All and all it has been a nice weekend.   I was able to putter around the house, give the dog a bath, and get some groceries.   I enjoy a nice quiet Sunday evening.  Monday morning comes so quick!!!  

 I am wishing everyone a great week!  

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Stefanie N said...

What a nice patio you have. And how neat you're putting beading on the Santa's beard. The Oreo cookie dessert sounds yummy.