Sunday, February 10, 2013


I came across these granny square blankets at the local thrift store I frequent every Friday, also known as "Thrift Store Friday".  There is nothing better than hitting your favorite thrift with one of your favorite buds!  It is now a weekly scheduled appointment that is on our work calendars!! 

So, back to my find, I found these red and white granny blankets from an aisle over...they caught my eye and I made a B-Line straight to them.  First of always tugs at my heart a little bit when I see crocheted blankets and afghans hanging on the rack!  And then I most likely take it home to me, where I know it will me loved and appreciated!

My thinking is that I will repurpose them.  Heck, for $6 a piece what could I lose!   I like the punch of red and think it would look really pretty on my bed. 
You can see that granny square pillow case, which is actually a small granny blanket I rescued a couple weeks ago and made a couple repairs on.  I seamed it up into a pillow case and put it on the bed.  Love it!!

So, this is kinda what I am thinking.  I just folded it over the pillow to get a feel for it.  Of course, I am going to disassemble it and wash and block the squares.  They are well done, I just think the seaming throws them a bit out of wack. 

So, thought???  I am still moving them around the house, and also had the thought of making the two blankets into one.  For now I will get them cleaned and blocked and ready for whatever I end up doing with them.

Ruh Roh!!
Yesterday I took my mom and sister in law to the Goodwill.  We came out with some fun stuff.  I picked up this little gorilla for $1.  I had to have him.  He makes the perfect valentine buddy! 
My girlfriend invited us over Saturday evening for some take out and visiting.  She texted me earlier that afternoon and said, I wanna make cards, can you bring your owl stamps?  Well...that's a no brainer...of course!

So this is what I came up with.  A big heart valentine!  We had a blast cutting, glueing, and I really enjoyed the doodling!

How could this not make anyone smile!  My plan is she will get it back on V-day...along with a box of Girl Scout Cookies and a message on the back that valentine that will say, "You Rock"! 

Lastly, I wanted to share some little dollar store owls that I finally spray painted this week.  I still have two more waiting to be done. 

Aren't they cute!  The one on the right is one I found at Dollar Tree.  You can see what they look like originally.  I could only find one, but keeping my eye out for the others!

Their shapes are adorable! 

I found this little guy at the Dollar General.  I put a coat of spray paint on him, too.  He needs a little more to even him out, but I like em. 

I am back to my Sunday afternoon.  I am trying to get the house straight and cleaned up before another work week cranks up.  I will most likely have a finished pair of socks to share next week and who knows what else I will find on Thrift Store Friday!

Bye for now!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A True Story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Dawn.
She loved to

And she lived happily ever after!