Sunday, June 29, 2014

Life on The Screened Porch

Here Greetings from the screened on porch!  Phoebe and I have enjoyed quite a bit of time out here this weekend.
It has been overcast, so the temperature has been perfect.  

I was able to complete a shawl I have been working on for quite awhile.  And even though I was getting a bit burnt out on it, once I finished I was glad I kept pushing on.

What do you think?  It is such squishy yarn.  I didn't realize how big it would work up once I started.  I do like the pattern.  I does have short rows in it, but they really aren't too bad and they just make the shape come out perfectly.  You can find the pattern at  It is a free ravelry download.  

Here is the back.  I love how this yarn stripes.  For anyone interested, I used a size 4 circular needle and the yarn is Lion Brand Tween Stripes, Mixed Berry.  I used almost five skeins.

I think this would also be a great party to use up all those scraps!!!  And you could easily work it up and stockinet the stitch as well.  

I leave you now with wishes for a good week!!  We are in the midst of summer here!!  Phoebe is enjoying it so far!