Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yummy Yellow Shoulder Warmer!

Just look at this little shoulder warmer!

I am not sure if other crocheters/knitters do this, but I have this thing where I get an idea in my head and I can't stop obsessing about it until I work it up. This is one of those ideas. And even now that I have finished it up, I am thinking of another version of this.

This yarn is some I have had for quite some time, just waiting for me to pick it up and do something with.

Don't you just love the back??!!!

And the little bell sleeve.

I mixed some crochet and some knitting together. It is basically a rectangle of double crochet. I worked the double crochet in the round for the sleeves and the back I left open. So there was no seaming!!! After I finished that it looked like a tube with an open space...I then cast on with a circular knitting needle and did a ribbing of knit 3, purl three and did that for about three inches, and also the same on the sleeves for about an inch...the woi-lah!!! It is done!!!

And I must say it is a nice little shoulder warmer. I have it on as I am typing. It's a great way to keep wearing those little tank tops all year long!

I also finished up a scarf that has been sitting in my yarn basket waiting on me to finish it up. Love this Lion Brand Yarn!!!

It worked up to be the perfect neck warmer. I used this chunky yarn and large knitting needles! Fun mindless knitting that give instant gratification.That's about it for now. I have my crochet hook calling me for an idea for a scrappy scarf! It's so nice to be feeling like this...because I have been down with what the doctor said is a "mild case of the flu". OMG! You talk about feeling rotten. I felt like death on a cracker! Five days of it...finally today I feel normal again!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Love Love Love the shoulder warmer! The mixture of knitting and crochet works great with this piece. Nice job!

Cozy scarf too!


Olya-lya said...


Insensata! by Laura Sners said...

Hello Dawn!
Congratulations on your new shug! it is just lovely!
I recently made some of those, come see'em in my blog. I love to make those! super easy and elegant!

Just Be Happy said...

I am still with that Uncommon Threads saved in my DVR as a reminder to make some shrugs!
Your shoulder warmer is absolutely gorgeous, I love the fact that you mixed crochet/knitting.
Oh, if you only knew how much I love your work!

tamdoll said...

Both of these are really so nice. I love the knit & crochet mixed together, the color of both are great, too!