Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ruffles and Puppy Dogs!

Hey everyone, I am back, and yes, with another ruffle scarf...but I just can't help it!!  I am working on Christmas gifts, and I think these will be perfect for a couple gals I have on my list!
Let me start off by showing you more ruffles.  You know me...I had to give it a go in some Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn".  And it really works!
I have a special friend in mind for this scarf and think it will look gor-ge-ous on her!  Don't you just love all those colors?
Here is a ruffle close up, giving you a chance to see all the colors.  I have another yarn in mind for another one of these scarves, so I do hope I am not boring everyone.  I hope to be inspiring!
Here is a picture I snapped of Phoebe looking very sweet, and a little blurry!  Everyday this little creature gets more loving...I cannot imagine life without her!

It's been a long day here.  The Christmas Tree is up part way and I am in the mood to finish it up, so I am out of here.  I hope to bring you pictures of a finished tree adorned in some handmade ornaments!



- said...

This is a very, very pretty scarf!

Doris Sturm said...

I'm your newest follower - I just love your crocheted roosters and your dog is adorable...she looks so angelic!

Anonymous said...

l know exactly how you feel about yr Phoebe..l have truly LOVED dogs since l was born..We live with 3 gundogs & 3 terriers inside here with us.. Gundogs (natch !! ) outside in their big day yard.. Yr little Phoebe looks so loved..Best Wishes for New year.. Regards,
Pam Clarke.
New England, NSW,

Anonymous said...

AND l meant to add-JUST love those cute little Roosters.. Yr blog is now in my favorites..Thank you..Regards, P.C..
New England, NSW, OZ