Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog Post on the Fly!

Good Lord things have been nuts!  It's been a crazy world in Sparksville this past week.  It seems to be calming down a little bit, which is great for both me and Mr. Sparks!

Firstly, SAFF was great.  The Girlz and I had a blast.  We all brought back preeties. Had some super carbage.  Enjoyed the beautiful Asheville color!  And had some good girl time sitting around in our room in the evening knitting.

Here is my knitting bud Annie, modelling some cute little finger puppets we found in a booth!  We both decided we need to make some of these!
My Girl Mel getting some Noro Knitting going!  Love this so much, that I had to'll see below!
Me & Annie resting our tootsies!  There was a lot of walking!!!
I snapped this in Downtown Asheville with my phone camera...the downtown was absolutely beautiful.

It was a whirlwind weekend, but so fun meeting old Ravelry friends and seeing all the yarn!

I did manage to finish up a couple scarves this past week, which I can't believe.

I couldn't be more pleased.  I love working this pattern.  And the self striping yarn really adds.  The yarn is from Hobby Lobby, their house brand, "I Love This Yarn".
This chevron pattern really makes a pretty ripple.  I have plans to make another one, but will be shaking it up a bit in my usual manner...that's all I'm going to say for now! :)
Another picture, just because!  LOL!
Check out my Noro Stripe!  Cute?  Once I saw Mel making one I wanted to do the same.  I added a solid black wool because I did not have two kinds of Noro in my stash.  I really like it!
I do believe I will give it a soak in some fabric softener to lessen the scratchiness of it.  I used a k2, p2 ribbing and switched yarn every two rows to create the stripe.  I have been thinking that all those left over variegated yarns I have stashed away may be just perfect for more of this!
Let me share with you this gorgeous hand spun hand dyed mohair I snagged at SAFF.  I saw a wrap there I loved made from mohair, but in a color that really wasn't me.  I picked up this mohair with that in mind.  Problem was I grabbed the brushed mohair.  It needed a fingering weight thread to go with it, so I paired it up with this garnet colored wool.
This is working up really fast.  I think once I get it to the width I want and bind off, I will cast on at each end and add a ruffle.  I can see it in my head, let's just hope it turns out that way!  LOL!

So, I'm off of here for now.  I hope to be back later this week with my wrap progress.  I also have a couple projects to get started on for a couple customers.  Another variegated wrap and a little girl's scarf.  If only I had more time! *sigh*


Crochet Goddess said...

Wow! I love the scarves! The chervon is beautiful, great color.

Just Be Happy said...

I love your scarves, the finger puppets, oh.... so cool!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous scarves! I especially love the noro one striped with black. That was a genius move. :-)

- said...

I really love the scarves. They are just beautiful.