Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Squares = Another Blankie

Yup, I think I like it, too!  I am stitching the squares together by hand.  Guess I'm a bit old school...I like this look!  This blankie has more blue then the last one, and I added an apple green to it.  Each center will be in blue. 

I have now revved up my granny square addiction to full speed.  While working on these I am all ready putting color combinations together for the next project.  Being on flickr has also contributed to this, there are so many crocheters on there, and some of my contacts are hard core granny square lovers!!  (You guys know who you are!)  It's like crochet crack!

I have been looking for a granny scarf I made last winter.  For some reason I just could not find it.  Searched closets, name it!  Well, guess what!  I found it!  Tucked in my closet with all my other scarves, loving draped over a hanger where I put it!!!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!!!!!

So I took it out and snapped some new pictures of it.  I am so wanting to do another.
Some of you may remember it.  It is out of fine wool yarn crocheted into granny squares and then felted.  One of my faves!

I am hoping for a nice productive week!  Today is mine.  All the house work is done, groceries are I can have a little extra time to just enjoy the day!!!  I have a roast to get in the crock pot for supper!  Yummy! 

Now I'm off to do something with this hair!  I got antsy yesterday and went to a walk in salon to get it trimmed,  BIG MISTAKE!  I should have waited to get in to see my girl Cora!!!  Lesson learned.  I knew the minute she took that first snip it wasn't going to be good for me. 

Later Gaters!


Just Be Happy said...

I love seeing the things you make!

Devon said...

I am loving your blanket colors,,,how are you sewing them together,,

Butterfly Works said...

Beautiful have me wanting to crochet granny squares that scarf.....

River Glorious said...

The blankie is just right.