Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year...

and Happy Birthday as well to my sister!
I had told y'all I was working on a birthday project a couple postings away. Well, here it is! This little idea hit me a few weeks ago and I must say, it turned out just as I had it pictured in my head. He is all wrapped and ready to be gifted this evening.

I cannot look away from his cuteness! The hat did it...he just makes you want to smile!

It is a gloomy cold New Year's Eve here. My energy could be better, but I am enjoying the day just staying inside and taking care of some little chores I have not had the time to get to!

I have made a little progress on my bed pillows. Well, for the moment, that is just pillow! LOL!!

The colors are working together nicely and I think a mod-podge of these crocheted pillows will look beautiful on my bed! You can see I changed the yarn a bit, added a deeper red, and couple more browns.

I wish everyone a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve!


Devon said...

Happy Birthday to your sister,,,and oh what a adorable snow women,,and I am sure she will love it,,it is also glumy here and we are just hanging out inside wish it was sunny we would take a walk on the beach,,oh well I have till monday off so hopefully it will come out before then,,hope you and your family a Very Happy New Years,,,see ya in 2010

Kar said...

Happy New Year Dawn!

Love the birthday snowman! I think he is my favorite so far.

I'm still loving the colors that you are using for the pillow. Very cozy feeling.


Just Be Happy said...

Oh my goodness, that little guy is SUPER CUTE!
It made me smile when I saw the picture. :o)
Your pillow will be fabulous, the color combination is beautiful.

Happy 2010, Dawn!

tamdoll said...

That is the most adorable snowman, and so unique! Love the colors, too - so bright and cheery for the middle of winter.