Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pillow Talk

Finished it up this week. It reminds me of a sock monkey! My plan is to make about three crocheted pillows for the bed. Cozy things up a bit.

I must admit since the holidays I have been in a little bit of a creative stupor...finding it hard to get my mojo going. Working on these grannies has helped a little bit, but I'm still not quite there. So to shake things up a bit I decided to try something new.

Wanna see??


It's called Spike Stitch. I saw this online and had printed it out long ago, put it in my notebook of things I wanna learn. This is sure fun to work on. Will make a great companion to my granny square pillow, don't you think?
But alas, just as I was getting back into the groove...I run out of yarn! Drats! So, in the meantime I will just post some pictures of this pretty little stitch.

Looks pretty with the beginnings of another granny square, which I started this morning ... my hands had to keep busy!

This stitch wouldn't work well for scarves and the like, it is so thick. I was thinking it would make an awesome bathroom rug. I don't think I pull my stitches as tight as the pattern showed. The pattern almost looked like waves. But no matter, I like the way it worked up.

I am off now for a cozy spot on the sofa with my Phoebe and a the lazy Sundays!


Just Be Happy said...

love the pillow, Dawn!
the stitch is also awesome.

Have a wonderful week!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

The granny pillow is beautiful - kind of reminds me of Valentine's Day! Love the spike stitch too. I think that would make a great looking afghan.


Kar said...

Love the colors in the grannies. And that Spike Stitch is way to cool! Have fun with the Lazy Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Your granny pillows are cool. Reminds me of chocolate cake with cherry filling and white frosting. Yums. Cool spike stich too. Lazy Sunday - I'm jealous this week. - Katie

Aussie Maria said...

Absolutely love the granny pillow - the colours have come up very nicely. That stitch looks interesting, but difficult?

Devon said...

Love the pillow and cant wait to see the other ones you have in mind..and Love the new stitch,,

tamdoll said...

You're like a machine, it's unbelievable how you can get things done!
That pillow is great & you're right - it reminds me of a sock monkey, too.

Crochet Goddess said...

I love the pillow, you always have great granny squares.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your pillow! I find especially your granny square projects very inspirational, but, I think maybe that's because you like them alot(you've mentioned that before on your blog).