Friday, April 29, 2011

Freaky Fridays

big, big hair by unexpectedtales
big, big hair, a photo by unexpectedtales on Flickr.

I have decided to add a little something different to my blog! A weekly Friday posting, called "Freaky Fridays". I have been a member of flickr for a couple of years and have become facinated with all that is on there. Especially with the vintage photography. And the vintage photos that are just plain "odd" are the ones I am attracted to.

This one did it for me. Why, because of that hair, and the boy like face. I love it!

Happy Freaky Friday everyone!


Pammy Sue said...

Heh-heh. That poor girl!

Melissa said...

Holy Cow! I wonder how much Aqua Net was used to hold that in place!

paula said...

I can see you didn't live through this period in glamour history, did you :0}

Cathy said...

Wow hair bigger than her head!
blimey I hardly have time to rake a brush through makes the hideousness of the 80's look good...although I have to admit overuse of hairspray and backcombing then- never quite as huge though!lol
great picture!