Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jacob's Stripe-ity Scrap-ity All Finished!

I finished up Jacob's blanket last night.  I think he'll like the bright bold colors.  Can you believe I used all leftovers from my stash!

How do you like the border?  I used a denim color blue and added some color to the very edge, followed by a final row of backwards crochet, which gives it a rope-like edging. 

Here is an up close view.

I definitely plan on doing another one of these blankets.  It's fun mindless crocheting and gives quick satisfaction.  Jacob wanted his blanket in bright this should make him happy!  I think when I do another one of these I will go towards the earth tones with some black and whites mixed in.

Phoebe gives it her stamp of approval!  Oh, for those wanting the pattern, you can find it here.

Progress is coming along on my zig zag afghan and pictures are soon on the way with my progress!  In the meantime I wish everyone a great productive week!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Scrappy and Happy!

I am so addicted it's not even funny!  I started this blanket for my nephew.  He likes bright colors.  I found this pattern on ravelry and had to jump right in!  It's called "Ribbon Afghan" and you can find the pattern here

This is the perfect project for using up those leftovers, which I have gobs of!! 

So...while working on this, I was surfing around ravelry and came across another pattern that is also perfect for scrap yarn.  I immediately loved it, so much that I had to go ahead and give it a shot for myself. 
OMG!  I cannot decide which I like better.  The neat thing about this is you can use those little tiny scraps of yarn!  You can find the pattern here.  It is so much fun to work on. 
See what I mean?  It's a draw isn't it?!

I'm off to sit back and crochet my afternoon away!  Tooodles!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hootie Tutorial

 Hootie Owl

Size F Crochet Hook
Scraps of worsted weight acrylic yarn
Giggly Eyes

increase = 2sc in the sc of the previous row
decrease = insert hook in the sc of previous row and pull up loop, insert hook into next sc of previous row and pull up loop, pull up loop through two loops on hook. 

Body (make two)

chain 6

Row 1:  sc 5, ch1, turn

Row 2: Increase, sc in next 3 sc, Increase, ch1 and turn

Row 3: Increase, sc in next 5 sc, Increase, ch 1 and turn

Row 4 - 7:  sc in each sc, ch 1 and turn

Row 8:  Decrease, sc in next 5 sc, decrease, ch 1 and turn

Row 9:  Decrease, sc in next 3 sc, decrease, ch 1 and turn

Row 10:  sc in each 5 sc, tie off and 

Sandwiching the two bodies together, sc the two together 


On one side of the body at about the fifth row from the top, insert hook and pull of loop in a contrasting color of yarn.  Ch 1, 4 sc in next 4, ch 1 and turn.

5 sc in each sc of previous row, tie off and weave in the ends.

Repeat this on the other side of owls body.


Locate placement for beak (about midway between top of wings).  Make a loop on the hook, wrap loop over hook and insert hook into post of sc on the owl body and pull up a loop, pull up a loop and pull through first two loops on hook.  Insert hook into post of next sc post on body and pull up loop, wrap loop around hook and pull up through two loops on hook, pull up loop through remaining loops on hook.  Tie off and secure it to the owls body by weaving in the ends.


Locate placement for feet.  Insert hook and pull up a loop, chain 3.  Slip stitch in second chain from hook, sc into place where the first loop was pulled up.  Chain 2, slip stitch in second chain from hook, sc into same stitch of previous single crochet.  Chain 2, slip stitch in second chain from hook, sc into same stitch of previous single crochet.  Tie off.  Weave in ends.

Repeat this on the other side for the second foot.

Finishing Touches!

Cut three lengths of yarn in your wing color and make a little tie on tassel at each side of head.  Attach giggly eyes....and your done!!!

Get creative and have fun!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tah - Dah!! Crochet Log Cabin Blanket! it is, in all her glory!  And I have to say, I am so pleased with it that I can't stand it!  The blanket turned out to be pretty darn close with the image I had in my head.  
Would I do another one?  You bet I would!  I would like to do one with diagonal stripes.  But I do love the diamonds! 
Most people are unaware of the history behind the log cabin quilt.  Each square block is a piece of history in itself. The block is a representation of an early log cabin home that was being built on the wide expanses of the prairie.  The story behind the log cabin quilt history block is as follows: 

The center block is usually red or yellow, this represents the fire in the hearth.
The light strips of cloth found on one side of the square represent the sun shining on the eastern side of the log cabin.
Likewise the dark strips indicate the shady side of the log cabin.

I loved this the moment I read it!!  
I did the border with one single row of red in half double crochet, followed by five rows in dark green.  The brown edging is done in a reverse single crochet which gives it that braided edging look.  

Even Phoebe has given her seal of approval!