Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blurry Weenie Dog

Blurry Weenie Dog
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Hey folks...just wanted to share with you a sweet little picture of Phoebie looking very comfy in my bed! This makes it so hard to get up and get ready to go to work in the morning.

I am happy to say I have finished my diva scarf just last night and hope to get pictures of it posted this evening! I have it blocked and ready to go! I am excited to show it off. It took a little longer to get done than I expected, but I have been bombarded with serious yard work and spring cleaning!

Happy Tuesday to everyone! It is sunny here and the warmth feels so good on my shoulders when I get outside!


Just Be Happy said...

Phoebe is adorable!
I can't wait to see your diva scarf!

Zu said...

Phoebe has got to be the most adorable dog I've ever seen!