Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween Cards!

Halloween Cards!
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Can you believe it? The last day of September...time is flying by so fast. I have been tied up making cards the past couple of weeks for a craft show on October 10th. YES, I AM A CLOSET PAPER LOVER! And Fall and Halloween let me do my thing with all that bright color! This is just a sampling of what I have done. Whatcha think?

I have been getting so many questions from some of you that I thought I would take a moment to answer them!!!

First Crochet Mom, you had asked about the Flower Power Scarf. It is still around, kinda in hibernation at the moment. But it is lurking in the back of my mind and will resurface soon. I will soon need a granny square fix after all this knitting and paper cutting I have been doing!

R. Morales, yes the Noro Scarf is self striping. I would recommend that any one making this to get two skeins of Noro. My pattern said one is needed...but not for me, I think it needs two! As soon as I can get my fingers on another skein I will get it finished up!

Kristen in Portland, Oregon, you has asked about the ripple scarf pattern and if there were something similar in knitting form. Off the top of my head I would recommend the feather and fan stitch. It is an easy stitch to master. I would suggest googling "feather and fan knit stitch" and you will come up with all kinds of information and how tos on it!

Allison has wanted to know what type of yarn I used on my cardi. Allison, I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca. I did not need to change anything, the guage worked up perfectly. I will say this is a fuzzy yarn, and when wearing with black it leaves its mark of little threads. This really does not bother me, but it may others! I am wanting to do another cardi in a silkier yarn!

I think that answers everyone's questions. I will be posting more pics soon on my scarf progress! I am still reserving my early morning time to my crochet hook and a scarf in the making!

For now I am off...looks like Fall is arriving!

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Unknown said...

Love all the orange. Isn't fall get. Just love the way you captured all the leave on the deck. Sorry, so short today, but got linked into Attic24 Lucy's blog over in the UK.... so I'm playing catch-up.

If you have not read her blog, she is wonderful.....

then head over and see my dedication to her, yesterday....