Sunday, May 16, 2010

Warm Fuzzies and Eye Candy!

Good Morning bloggies!  Things are happy and creative here on this Sunday morning.  I am starting off giving you a little picture of my afghans, which look so beautiful stacked neatly on one another.  It gives me the urge to pick that crochet hook...but first...I must finish up this little project....
This it the beginning of the "Meditation Shawl" found in the Yoga Journal.  The request came to me from a gal that does some awesome tie dye!  She asked for these colors, I did my best in searching and found this yarn at Hobby Lobby.  It is actually two colors of variegated stripes by I Love This Yarn.

I have a pair of jeans she has tied dyed...and love em!
Now how groovy are these?
 I am really enjoying this feather and fan pattern, and the scallops (which will be the bottom of the shawl).  I started this Friday night, so I can tell it is going to work up quickly and beautifully. 
Just one more picture of my progress.  I will post more as I get more done!
I also just have to share a couple views of the covered porch.  All is well there, when you are here there are no problems to think about.  A cold drink, my knitting, and all these plants take away all the stress in life and leave me feeling happy and creative! 
Come join me!  I have room for visitors, and a Bay Breeze will be waiting on you!

I just had to share this awesome estate sale find from last Saturday.  These mats, made of banana fiber and shells.  I was immediately drawn to them and had to bring them home with me! 
For now they are sitting in my bay window in good sight, and I get to constantly look at them and touch them every chance I get.  Such eye candy...makes me happy.  I am not sure where they will settle, but for now they are in my view when I walk into the kitchen!

I could show you much more, but have to get busy.  On my way to mom's to visit and scan more old photos!  Then more knitting and possibly repotting a couple of plants. 

It's a good day!


Just Be Happy said...

love the jeans, and all the projects!!

Aussie Maria said...

Beautiful coloured afghans.

Crochet with Raymond said...

Hello! I just found your blog and have been enjoying looking through all your hooky and knitty goodness!
I remember in YJ an amazing meditation shawl the editors mother had knitted in pinks! Man I want one just like it! But I now know from reading back to front that you frogged it!
Nice to find your blog! I'll be back for future visits!