Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Non-Fiber Posting

Whoa, a mid-week posting!  Unusual, yes, I know.  Normally I would be at Paneras knitting with the girls, but I'm feeling a little tired and worn out this evening...so here I be!  You can find these all over the internet.  Just google Kaisercraft Tree.  Check out their website here.  They have a lot of neat things!

I just wanted to share a couple of scrapbooking/cardmaking type projects with you guys.  I am also addicted to paper, but it plays second to yarn!  Anywho...check out this little family tree I did for my sister.  Just have the pictures to add.  Is it not the cutest!!

 I think the rhinestones make it.  I added little leaves cut out on the cricut...

Then we made these cute little kimono cards. 
Adorable or what!  I found the template on line.  Just added a little bling bling..and shazammmm!  I have a small collection of oriental stamps that were perfect for this little project.  You can get the template here

My Log Cabin Afghan is coming right along...can't wait to bring you some updated pictures!


Esther Asbury said...

I love your family tree - it turned out so pretty!

Devious One said...

Love the family tree! If you ever made another one to sell it, I would be interested in purchasing it! It's so unique and adorable!

Melissa said...

The tree is too cute and I LOVE those cards! Missed you last night!

Unknown said...

I enjoy your site. I have a question, on your introductory photo there is a blanket or afghan made out of little squares or many different sizes squares. Do you have more photos of it or/ and are you selling the pattern for it? as well as the latest rugs you have made?

Thanks Catalina

Alejandra Alejandro said...

Lovely family tree.

Meredith said...

I just love your log cabin blanket. I tried to knit one once and I just didn't like how the back looked after adding a new color. I can see where crochet would be the answer and make a really nice blanket. Love your blog.