Saturday, December 17, 2011

Uh Oh...There's a Mouse in the House!

"There's a Mouse in the house!!"  Isn't he cute though?  I've been wanting to crochet this up for quite some time.  It's fast and fun.  It is a free Lion Brand pattern, you can find it here.
I did add a little snoot for him and some whiskers though.  I want to crochet up another, hopefully, but time is running short!!!

I did make another snowman.  He is just as cute as the pair I did earlier, too.
Boy do I love this pattern!

Look at the adorable ornament one of my knitting girls gave me!!
It's so clever!  She made the knitting needles herself.

A friend and I took the afternoon off yesterday and went to Korner's Folly in Kernersville.  It was all dressed for Christmas.  So pretty!  I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you.


This was in the pink room.  The tree was upside down.  And there were elves everywhere.


I thought this tree was so pretty.  It just glowed.

So pretty.  It looks ice cold.  This was in the bathroom.

I think this one is my favorite.  The tinsel tree had on red ornaments and it just glowed.  This was in the Grand Ball Room of the house.

The house has fifteen fireplaces in it. 
Here is the large tree in the Ball Room.  I believe this house is one of my favorite places to go at Christmas time. 

I am going to sign off for now and try to get some more things done. I am hoping to have more to post for you tomorrow!


Heather - The Good Life said...

Your little mouse is darling. Looks like a fun outing.

Crochet Addict UK said...

I love the mouse. It's on my to do list.

Mary Grace McNamara said...



Charlotte said...

I love ALL of your crochet work. You inspire me to make things I woulkd normally not do. Beautiful house and decorations.

Melissa said...

I love the mouse, but you know that. Hmmm....that ornament looks familiar.😃

Julie said...

I love your mouse and thank you for posting the pictures of the house. I know nothing about it, but it looks absolutely wonderful.

Jane Delcambre said...

Such a cute little mouse! I don't think I would mine if he ran around my house. Great ornament you got from your sweet friend. It's so you! And of course, dear snowman. He's so grand!
What a lovely place to visit! They really make it festive & bright!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your site through MiA and I wanted to let you know that I LOVE YOUR MOUSE!
It's adorable :)

Silvinha said...

Dawn is so cute.

That the baby Jesus to bring all good health, harmony, unity and joy. And a Happy new year

Kentish Keg-Meg said...

The little mouse is lovely. My favourite tree is that in the ballroom. Great photos.

anna said...

I am absolutely loving the mouse!!!
And the trees are awesome.
Have a great Christmas.

DorChi said...

this is so adorable!

patonslake said...

Love the mouse and have it on my to do list. However, how did you add the snout?


Jenn said...

Hiya! My name is Jenn and I am brand new to your blog, finding my way over form iCrochet. :) I love the little mouse you made. He's super adorable and I hope to try to make something like it sometime soon. I looked back over the other posts on the front page and I love your stockings too. They are awesome. I have been wanting to try them for a little while now.

I jsut started a new crochet blog (although I've had a personal blog for a while). I can't wait to read more of your blog!

<3 Jenn