Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Owlie Key Pouches

Aren't they adorable!!  I have spent my evenings this past week getting the pattern ready.  It is being tested now, and there are a few tweaks to be made to it, so it won't be long.

I can tell you it takes all of about 45 minutes to crochet up the tiny purse. 

I wanted to share a picture I took this afternoon of my dad's dog.  His name is Ringo, he's 15.  Poor little guy hasn't felt good at all.  He has been recovering from knee surgery and just hasn't been able to bounch back.  Now he's not eating and he doesn't want my dad out of his site.  Don't you just want to hug him.  He's a little Pom.  He spends a lot of time sleeping.

Let me share some pictures of the Wienie Fest yesterday.  Me and Phoebe had a fun time.  She met some dachshunds the really liked!

Check this little guy out!  He was absolutely adorable and so sweet and happy.  He had no problem getting around in his wheel chair.

Brother and sister (cannot remember their names) that a couple rescued.

Phoebe got a new harness so she can be groovy just like me!!!

My sweet girlie checking out all the buzz!  I personally think she was the prettiest dachshund there!

Ok, before I go I have one more little project to show you.

I crocheted up a doily to set into the compote I spray painted the other week.  Just used some cotton yarn scraps I had on hand.  May make another one with more black and deeper colors.

Well, that's all I have for now.  Time for a little supper and some evening crocheting.  Monday gets here way too fast!



Madame O' Malley said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, i get alot of inspiration from you. cute owlies by the way, i just might try and make one myself.

Holly said...

I LOVE your little owls!! so cute!

Mrs Thrifty said...

I adore those owl purses and want to try one - thank you for sharing them xx

GerryART said...

That Wienie Fest looked to be a great time had by all.

Evelyn said...

What amazing bags!!

Hahnsmum. said...

OMG..Those bags are just adorable... l love dogs l always love looking at the little dogs .. l feel so sad for the tiny tot in the wheelchair.. Yr blog is wonderful.. Best Wishes..

Anonymous said...

Is pattern ready? Would love to make for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Is there a.pattern for the owl purse, too cute