Sunday, November 4, 2012

Luvs Me Some Asheville!!!

 View from the front porch....
looking out....
and looking up...
Last weekend I joined our "Cheese Biscuits" to go to SAFF in Asheville.  And the fall color, well just see for yourself!  I didn't want to leave!
I could kick myself for not taking more pictures, but I was so busy having fun with the girls, well...I didn't have time.  LOL
We we all walking together in Asheville, looking for a Starbucks, and I was lagging at the end of the line taking pictures of this church.  I loved the round tower and the bricks.
This is Suz, she is so freakin cool!  Once a year is not enough to see this girl!
Suz and Annie.  You might ask what is she pointing at?  Well it's the Boston St. street sign (since they are both from Boston)...but me being such a dweeb, cut off the sign!  Thank you Annie for all the hard work you did in getting our cabin and driving us up!
A Falcon, what a beautiful bird!!!
Some yarn porn I bought at one of the local shops!!
A "knitting virgin" buying her first set of knitting needles!

Suz will probably want to choke me for posting this picture, but this hat looks so cute on here I cant help it!

So, now I am back home.  I totally missed the mountains this week.  It was so hard to go back to work on Monday!!  But I got back into the swing of things.

My granny afghan is being blocked as I speak, and I am jonesing for it to dry out and get pictures posted!  It is going to be hard to give up.  :(  But...I am already thinking of my next blanket!

Oh, this week I scored at my weekly thrift store run.  I scored this little outfit at the GW Boutique (Goodwill Store)!!
I spent a whole $8 (boots not included).  I am still not sure I am a "tuck in the boots" kinda girl though.  There must be some secret hint to keeping the jeans from bunching up at the knees, if anyone out there knows it, Please Share!

Now I am off to spend the rest of the day being a couch vegetable!  LOL




Pammy Sue said...

Oh how fun...a girl's trip! That view and your pictures are beautiful. Don't blame you for not wanting to leave! Those yarns look exactly like something you would buy. They are totally you! Can't wait to see your new granny.

Charlotte said...

I have always wanted to go to Ashville and visit the Biltmore estate. Looks like you had a great time. Love the yarn!

spacecraft said...

You put me on the blog. You really did. I feel equal parts very cool, b/c it's your blog and you are so very cool, and very embarrassed, b/c I'm attempting (and failing) to be gangster and I'm wearing the boob hat!! You slay me, woman!
It was such a great trip! I told Annie this weekend that I cannot wait a whole year to see you again. I might literally die. True story.

Jackie said...

Looks so pretty. Makes me green with envy as we have a couple of feet of snow here. I guess I can just curl up with my crocheting and knitting.

Melissa said...

Alright, first of all the trip was FAB!!! I miss it already. Second, Suz ALWAYS looks good (miss her already!) Thanks for a great weekend roomie!!!

Annie10 said...

Hi, beautiful stuff, and a great trip! Looks like a blast and I'm jealous!

If you fold the cuffs of the jeans up (one deep cuff that comes up higher than your ankle but doesn't show past the top of the boot) it seems to help. It also helps more if the jeans are "skinny" or tapered at the ankles. You look great, and pull off the look really well.

Thanks for your creativity and inspiration.

Sam I Am...... said...

Hey, you could hide the bunches with some crocheted leg warmers! LOL! Just a thought!
Love your pics and a bunch of my girl friends and I went to Ashville years back....great "girlfriend" trip!