Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snowflakes and Pom Poms!

This is fun crochet for me.  I have been working on all kinds of things this week.  One of which is the snowflake garland.  The other is a garland I put together wish some bright colored snowflakes and glitter pom poms.  I put them over the bed, and kinda like it there. 
The red snowflake garland couldn't be any more easier or faster. 

I love making the granny Christmas Trees!!!  I have some being blocked as we speak that I want to add some bling to.  They would be cute on their own or as a garland.
Whatcha think???  I am loving it...could you not curl up here and take a cozy little nap!!!!
I have also been working on these little wine cork Christmas trees.  Saw the idea on pinterest and had to give it a shot.  Only thing, my wine corks are not real cork!!  :(  So I am on the lookout for the real thing.  I am quite happy with them.  
I even added some bling to some of them to see how they looked.  Rather "Dr. Seuss-Like" if you ask me. 
I also made a Dollar Tree Snow Globe for one of my friends.  Isn't he cute!  I used a small shaker I got from the Dollar Tree, the rest of the supplies I already had.  I love the Dollar Tree!  I was actually looking for a covered candy dish and having no luck, but I found this little salt shaker instead.  It worked perfectly! 

The wreath is now on the door and decorations are out.  This year I kept it fairly calm compared to what I usually do.  Being gone on Thanksgiving put me behind.  I made this little owl sled for the kitchen.  I actually found the small owls at Walgreens!    I snatched them up fast, got the last two.   If y'all know me, you know how much I like owls.  It just would just not be Christmas without having my little owlies about the house!
 (and, yes, I made the little pine needle basket, too!)

So after the grocery store, cooking supper, and doing laundry I sat down to a little hooky time in front of the high def fire place.  I have been curious about this.  It is on one of the on demand channels, and pops and cracks just like a real fire, and plays Christmas music, too.  I so miss having a fire place, words cannot describe.  I was surprised to find myself enjoying it and also found it very relaxing, too.

I want everyone to have a great week.  Those last minute projects still have to be done, so we all need some good crafting mojo!!! I took this little picture of me and Phoebe this morning.  She looks sleepy, and she was so snuggly I couldn't stand it!



GerryART said...

Love today's post ! ! !

I have a small heart garland hanging in my room, Love it ! !

yep, I'm ready to snuggle up for a nap under your garlands. The snow flakes are just wonderful.

Great HD fireplace - all the comfort and not one ash remains. :^)

I have some knitting of a hooded scarf to work on this evening as our weather is going to turn COLD at the end of the week and DD#2 gets cold real easy.


Sandy said...

I love those little wine cork Christmas trees, but I can't find that Pin :( Can you please direct me to where I might find it? Thanks so much! Love all of your decorations.

Brenda Steffen said...

Love your holiday happiness! Those cork trees are the best. (And the HD fireplace is great, isn't it?!)

Melissa said...

Your garlands turned out beautifully. I love my snow's on the island in the kitchen.