Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blankies for Boston

After seeing all the Blankies for Boston on Facebook, my mom decided she wanted to make a couple blankies.  But she doesn't crochet much, but what she does do is quilt!!  And look at what she did! 

I think they both have a patriotic "homespun" feel about them.  And who doesn't like the comfort of a quilt on their lap!   Personally when I am not feeling well, the first thing I go to when I lay down is my quilt. 

Here is mine.  I call it "B Strong".   I crocheted the letters and the sewed them in the middle.  I think it turned out pretty.  Five point stars just do not come together like granny squares or octagons.  That fifth side won't let the lay flat, which disappointed me, because I definitely wanted to use a star motif in the blanket.  So this is how I worked around it.  Funny how a miscalculation can turn out.  Who would have known!

I am anxious to get these bundled up and on their way to the folks that need them.  If these blankets give one bit of comfort that it gave me to make one then I will be totally thrilled.  I am sure it is a mixed bag of emotions to receive one of these blankets.  I wanted a message on the blanket I made.  When I saw the "B Strong" logo/motto over the internet I knew I wanted to use it.  It is such a powerful message.

Phoebie was in the mood to let me take a couple pictures of her this afternoon.  What a cutie!  She is always there to put a smile on my face.  She did have a much hated bath and blow dry yesterday afternoon.  Also much needed!  She was totally doggy stinky!  But now she spells like shampoo and is so soft.  And after a couple hours, I was her favorite person again.

That look....who can resist it?

So now I have started my second blanket.  Obviously, granny squares.  I will follow this with some red and white stripes, then I am not sure what next.  I am already liking the red centers.   But as most know who follow my blog, I luvs me some red!!

And this is my favorite hook!!  The have all sizes at Hobby Lobby.  After my first try I haven't gone back, and now I have a nice little collection of sizes in my posession. 
This evening my plans are to work on this more and relax!  I tried just sticking to red-white-blue...but the need to add more blues into the blanket is unbelievable and I find it much more satisfying when crocheting. 

Phoebe looks absolutely relaxed here, enjoying her Sunday.  We on the other hand have to much on our plate right now, and now the air conditioning has decided to act up on a Sunday evening.  Great!  There is never a dull moment.  The week started out with my absent-mindedly throwing my iPhone into the washer.  I suppose you can guess the rest of the story.  Yup, it was fried.  I tried the rice thing, didn't help one bit!  So now I have a replacement and this time I got the insurance to go with it!  LOL!

I am off now to work on my second blanket and mentally prepare my self for another Monday!


Meredith said...

Nothing better then the smell of a freshly washed dog, my Max had a shower yesterday with the hose outside. He is soft and smells wonderful. Love your blankets and those are my favorite hook, too. I get mine at Joann's or Micheal's.
Hugs to you,

Unknown said...

Love the blankets!

Melissa said...

Your blankets are great and your mom is such a doll!

VictoriaSuzette said...

Hi there! Love your blog! I stumbled across your page while seeking a pattern for a patriotic lap blanket that I'm going to make for a veteran under hospice care (a group of us are making them), and love your "B Strong" blanket! Would you mind passing along the pattern?